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The application of ultraviolet germicidal lamp in water treatment

by:LiangYueLiang     2020-09-18
Water is the source of life, it is essential to human life and social activities of resources, is the foundation of all life to survive. The amount of water resources in our country to 2. 8 x 1012 cubic meters, per capita water resources is only a quarter of the world per capita. Among more than 600 cities in China, there are more than 400 cities, water shortages, more than 100 cities, serious water shortage, water shortage has been a growing global problem.

on the other hand, our country is a developing country, the urbanization process is accelerated, the industrial enterprises to develop rapidly, the industrial wastewater, city life wastewater without treatment, direct emissions, to the rivers and lakes has brought more and more serious pollution, the pollution can result in oxygen-rich lake, resulting in a large number of algae, destroy the ecological balance, pollution of groundwater, let the human drinking water more and more severely affected, affect human health, the important sources of lead to many diseases.

the Chinese government is very concerned about the problem of water pollution have been awarded a series of laws and regulations to strengthen the control and management of water resources. By the end of 2004 the country's 661 cities built of sewage treatment plant of 708, the processing capacity of 49. 12 million cubic meters/day, urban wastewater treatment rate to 45%, according to '15 plan' to 2010, the city and town sewage treatment to more than 70%. But at the moment, about half of the cities don't have built sewage treatment plants.

'in order to ensure the safety of public health, prevention and control of infectious disease transmission, disinfection facilities shall be set up urban sewage facilities,' the last line of sewage treatment process of sterilization is the most traditional method is to use chlorine or chlorine dioxide, but the two chemicals itself is a kind of poisonous gas, production of store will bring unrest, chlorine or chlorine dioxide can react with organic matter in water, produce interference to disinfection, and the reaction product halogenated hydrocarbon, halogen imitation is poisonous for human, such as or a recognized to cancer.

uv technology has existed as early as 1900, but only for a long time in the hospital, specifications varieties of a single, short service life, application technology not developed for a long time. Ultraviolet (uv) technology is used in other industries in recent years, air conditioning, refrigerator, disinfection cabinet, install uv once. Especially 'SARS' be able to use in multiple industries, since its application in water treatment in Canada, the United States spread earlier. In 1995, the United States, the penetration rate has reached 5%, and rising year by year, but ultraviolet disinfection applied in water treatment in our country began to form the climate in recent years, there have been many successful cases in the especially wastewater disinfection.

the principle of ultraviolet disinfection to water bodies is 254 wavelength of ultraviolet irradiation after bacterial virus, absorbed by the DNA of bacteria, viruses and can damage the DNA structure, leading to cannot make bacterial virus reproduction, achieve the purpose of sterilization. Sterilization efficiency generally described using dose, dose, the greater the sterilization effect is better, dose is ultraviolet light intensity and irradiation time remaining product.

the characteristics of ultraviolet disinfection can be water in an instant with high intensity of ultraviolet disinfection, and no secondary pollution, do not change the chemical and physical properties of water, disinfection is wide and can on-line inspection disinfection factor, predict disinfection effect. Wastewater treatment plant in our country, currently, more and more recognition and accept the ultraviolet disinfection, Shanghai, guangzhou and other places of the sewage treatment plant is a large number of used ultraviolet disinfection.

uv germicidal lamp is on the other hand the use of drinking water in the water treatment disinfection, we know that the last line of the traditional drinking water disinfection processes are using chlorine gas, but also has disadvantages, using chlorine gas have used chlorine, even if again use ultraviolet germicidal lamp is also necessary, adopting multiple block can effectively reduce the bacteria's survival rate, reduce the incidence of human infection with the disease may be. If use ultraviolet ozone instead of chlorine gas or, on the cost is also a kind of savings, is regarded as a high performance, low cost method of disinfection.

uv disinfection of water, the key technology lies in the quality of the lamp itself and the system stability and control. Sewage treatment is mostly require the use of high power, high intensity of ultraviolet lamp, and because this kind of ultraviolet lamp tubes of high load, the high requirement of technology and material. It is difficult to achieve high stability, high consistency. At present this kind of ultraviolet germicidal lamp basic totally dependent on imports, domestic ultraviolet lamp to do lamp high life, high stability, still need some time.
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