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The advantage of the ultraviolet radiation sterilization and prospects

by:LiangYueLiang     2020-09-21
Ultraviolet ray application in water treatment has a history of decades, but because of its technology is complex, expensive, make its application is restricted. But now foreign ultraviolet technology has been widely used, banned the traditional chlorination, and the price is lower than traditional chlorination. In the seventy s this century, due to the worsening of water pollution and the improvement of public health awareness, forcing people to on the basis of traditional water treatment process to adopt new methods, ensure the safety of water supply water quality conforms to the more drinking water standards. After nearly 20 years of research and practice, is given priority to with ultraviolet (uv) consisting of a composite application technology, with its good processing effect be the first choice of the depth of the water purification technology.

1, the uv germicidal lamp used for water disinfection of urban wastewater treatment can meet the requirements of the current domestic water landscape and greening;

2, this technology has the characteristics of no secondary pollution, the application prospect;

3, low energy consumption, low operating cost, high degree of automation, maintenance is convenient.

in addition, after ultraviolet disinfection of sewage can be reused in many areas, in order to realize the wastewater reuse. Be used for irrigation of farmland, woodland and lawn can avoid chemical disinfectants such as damage to the plant, to the chemical disinfectant used for groundwater recharge can prevent microbial adaptability and breed again cause formation plugging. Following the deep research in the mechanism of ultraviolet disinfection, the continuous development of uv technology, and continuously improve disinfection device in design, ultraviolet disinfection method is expected to become one of the main ways to replace traditional chlorination.
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