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submersible led uv germicidal lamps bulk purchase for water recycling LiangYueLiang

submersible led uv germicidal lamps bulk purchase for water recycling LiangYueLiang

Submersible led uv germicidal lamps bulk purchase for water recycling LiangYueLiang

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100000pcs / Month
Delivery Time
7 days for regular model
Guangzhou, Foshan, Shenzhen
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Company Advantages
1. LiangYueLiang led uv germicidal lamps is manufactured complying with the mandatory standards for the textile industry. Its raw materials and the agents are required to pass the ingredient test to guarantee no harmful substances are contained. Liangyueliang actively participates in Shanghai IE Expo, a leading trade fair for environmental technology
2. The product greatly helps improve the surrounding environment standard for people without high energy costs or environmental impact. Liangyueliang adopts the sanitary level of materials for production
3. This product is ideal for quick opening and closing of lights because it is able to provide full light immediately. The factory of Liangyueliang covers an area of more than 3,000 square meters
4. This product is able to achieve maximum light output in a matter of seconds. being arranged in an orderly manner, its bulb can work simultaneously and provide full brightness in one second. Liangyueliang is a professional optoelectronic enterprise that takes the lead in applying UV technology
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Product Specifications
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UV-C 4 pin UV germicidal lamp is slim straight shape single end with 4 pins lamp is good for water disinfection and air sterilization. Slim straight design makes it flexible and space-saved for small disinfection units, single end electrode design makes the electric connection easier and more convenient, also offer stable and high UVC output with the minimum attenuation.

ModelTube DiameterLengthPowerCurrentOutput PowerRated Lifespan/ hours

mmmmWattmAWattStandardCoated Long-life
Preheat type-Ozone free/ T5 series
GPH118T5L15 mm118mm6W425mA1.41000013000
GPH150T5L15 mm150mm8W425mA1.71000013000
GPH212T5L15 mm212mm10W425mA2.71000013000
GPH287T5L15 mm287 mm14W425mA41000013000
GPH303T5L15 mm303mm15W425mA4.31000013000
GPH357T5L15 mm357 mm17W425mA5.71000013000
GPH436T5L15 mm436 mm21W425mA7.31000013000
GPH550T5L15 mm550 mm28W425mA8.51000013000
GPH793T5L15 mm793mm37W425mA131000013000
GPH843T5L15 mm843 mm40W425mA151000013000
GPH1148T5L15 mm1148 mm55W425mA201000013000
GPH1554T5L15 mm1554 mm75W425mA301000013000
GPH1630T5L15 mm1630 mm79W425mA321000013000
Preheat type-High Ozone/ T5 series
GPH118T5VH15 mm118mm6W425mA1.41000013000
GPH150T5VH15 mm150mm8W425mA1.71000013000
GPH212T5VH15 mm212mm10W425mA2.71000013000
GPH287T5VH15 mm287 mm14W425mA41000013000
GPH303T5VH15 mm303mm15W425mA4.31000013000
GPH357T5VH15 mm357 mm17W425mA5.71000013000
GPH436T5VH15 mm436 mm21W425mA7.31000013000
GPH550T5VH15 mm550 mm28W425mA8.51000013000
GPH793T5VH15 mm793mm37W425mA131000013000
GPH843T5VH15 mm843 mm40W425mA151000013000
GPH1148T5VH15 mm1148 mm55W425mA201000013000
GPH1554T5VH15 mm1554 mm75W425mA301000013000
GPH1630T5VH15 mm1630 mm79W425mA321000013000

  • ◪  1.The UV germicidal lamp is strictly produced by ISO9001 standard, and all our UV lamp series is CE & ROHS certified.

  • ◪  2.Strict selection of material
    * We use famous brand PACIFIC quartz glass (ppm<=8) with high purity, which make sure the UVC light could be most effectively penetrated to reach the best sterilization effect.
          * Adopting imported electric powder and PLANSEE Molybdenum strip.

  • ◪  3.Advanced equipment:Owning to our automatic equipment, every filament was precisely made and designed by our engineer team according to different current.

  • ◪  4.Ensure our sterilization effect:High UV-C output with the minimum attenuation to make sure the best sterilization effectiveness. When lamp reaching 8000 hours, our UV output could still remain 80%.

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         SPA WATER

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Swimming pool

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Drink Water

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Other disinfection usage, kill the bacteria, virus, molds

Further Info

Company Features
1. With solid strength and economic foundation, LiangYueLiang now leads the led uv germicidal lamps industry.
2. Relying on the strong technical force, LiangYueLiang has been more skilled at producing uv germ light .
3. Guangdong Liangyueliang Photoelectric Technology intends to become a global leader specializing in uvc light development and manufacturing. Call now!
LiangYueLiang uv germ light is manufactured by advanced machinery. It is processed accordingly by water jet, CNC, casting machine, baking machine, infrared bridge cutting machine, and so on. It is highly customizable in terms of shape, size, and thickness
LiangYueLiang led uv germicidal lamps will be tested to guarantee its quality at the end of the stage. It will be tested by being dipped into or sprayed with different kinds of liquid such as acetic acid and alkaline liquid. It can serve ass a vacuum bag, moisture-proof bag, shielding bag, etc
The quality control for LiangYueLiang led uv germicidal lamps covers different aspects. It will be inspected using auxiliary machinery in terms of non-deformability, firing temperature, shrinking percentage, and sheet water absorption rate. It offers printability by flexo, gravure and offset litho
The quality inspection of LiangYueLiang uv germ light will be conducted at the final production stage. It will be checked for its smoothness, splicing trace, dirt resistance, anti-yellowing capability, etc. This product features barrier efficiency to gases
The workmanship of LiangYueLiang led uv germicidal lamps mainly includes several aspects: mold filling, glaze spraying, sintering, cooling, and inspection which will be respectively conducted by professional technicians. It meets the hygiene standards for food and pharmaceutical packaging
Adopting the latest technology guarantees the great performance of uvc light. This product features barrier efficiency to gases
Guangdong Liangyueliang Photoelectric Technology takes the performance of uv germ light seriously.It uses materials featuring ease of lamination and coating
uvc light's design uses uv germ light concept, is uv germ light. It can perfectly protect items from dust
germicidal ultraviolet get great attention for excellent properties such uv germ light. It is tasteless and odor-free, imparting no detectable taste or odor to foodstuffs
Experiments indicated that uv germ light with reliable performance and unique designing fashion can germicidal ultraviolet. It comes in optional styles, such as stand-up pouches and flat pouches
It is very efficient for uv germ light to reduce the energy cost of led uv germicidal lamps. The materials endow it with a strong puncture and tear resistance
People will find that this product perfectly fits the shape of the wearer’s foot and ensures a comfortable and personalized fit. Its quality is guaranteed manufactured by the ISO 9001:2018, ISO 22000:2018 certified factory
The product not only helps ease the pressure and pain put on the feet, but also offers certain shock protection to the feet during walking. Guangdong Liangyueliang Photoelectric Technology
This material will contribute to making shoes that can improve the health and the comfort of people's feet and body. It has good shape stability and is not affected by humidity changes
People certainly save a lot of money as this product will last for long. Since there won’t be a need to replace it ever so often. It can prevent the product from spoiling
This product gives life to space. Using the product is a creative way to add flair, character and unique feeling to space. It has a decorative surface that can be brilliant or matt
The product will help regulate temperature and humidity inside the footwear, creating a breathable and clean environment for the feet. It features certain temperature resistance from deep-freeze to oven processing
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