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Sterilization of sewage water treatment market efficiency

by:LiangYueLiang     2020-10-17
Sterilization of sewage water treatment market efficiency, the influence of the planned economy system, our country's urban sewage treatment is regarded as a social public welfare undertakings, and therefore formed rely on the government supply mode of administrative controls, save a common pitfall: urban sewage treatment facilities operation efficiency is low, operation cost is too high, the phenomenon such as serious resource waste, in overcoming these situations, must also by means of the market.

the urban sewage treatment facilities construction and operation as a public products and services, on the facility supply if the past simple has preferred to slam the door, the introduction of market mechanism, will be conducive to greater competition, improve the efficiency of the government and the efficiency of resources, to help resolve the environmental resource allocation 'government failure' phenomenon.

in the transition period of China's industrialization, urbanization, modernization, because over the years, urban rapid economic development, population explosion, the expanding of city scale, a serious shortage of government financial resources in urban sewage treatment infrastructure investment will be a huge funding gap, so also need to market-oriented means to bridge the gap funding requirements.

social and economic rapid development at the same time, the worsening trend of urban water pollution is more and more serious, cities are increasing contradictions between resources and the scarcity of water environment, the introduction of market mechanism will be conducive to the polluters of the internalization of external problems, thus is advantageous to the higher efficiency, more fair to city water resource configuration, and to a certain extent, ease the increasingly tense contradiction of urban water resources scarcity.
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