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Some problems in the current development of sewage treatment industry

by:LiangYueLiang     2019-12-17
Some problems in the current development of the sewage treatment industry, the growth of the sewage treatment industry; Malnutrition and pipeline bottleneck lead to poor blood transfusion. Jing Wenyong, a professor at the Tsinghua University Institute of Environmental Engineering, told reporters that although the recent data released by the National Development and Reform Commission showed that the national sewage treatment rate had reached 77% by the end of 2010, however, this treatment rate based on the design treatment capacity does not reflect the actual treatment efficiency of sewage treatment projects in many areas. According to scientific methods, the actual treatment rate of sewage treatment should be calculated based on the actual water supply from each sewage treatment plant. ; Judging from the current basic situation of incoming water, the actual coincidence rate and treatment rate may be significantly lower than the level of 77%. Well Wen Yong said. He pointed out that the main reason for the shortage of water from sewage treatment plants lies in the inadequate construction of supporting sewage pipelines. ; This is like the human blood circulation system. Without capillaries, blood cannot be normally transported to the heart. He said. In the past five years, the planning and design of sewage treatment in many cities have been widespread; Heavy factory Light net is now like. The design scale of the treatment plant is too large, but the pipe network is not matched, which directly leads to a serious shortage of actual water supply. ; For a project with a design scale of 100 thousand tons per day, the actual water supply is only 20 thousand tons to 30 thousand tons, which is a common situation. Jing Wenyong said that with the increasing construction scale of sewage treatment plants nationwide, the contradiction of lagging pipe network construction has become more and more prominent and has become the biggest bottleneck of industry development. The above-mentioned Fangshan district sewage treatment plant project has now completed 7400 of supporting pipelines. However, according to the environmental protection bureau of the district, if the sewage treatment capacity of Changgou town is to be effectively improved, at least 15000 of pipeline network mileage must be completed in the future, the middle gap is huge. Jing Wenyong said that one of the important reasons for the lack of matching pipe network construction is that the construction of urban sewage pipe network belongs to the construction of municipal infrastructure and belongs to the government's public welfare investment project. Due to the difficulty and high investment in the construction of sewage pipelines, many places prefer to invest money in other infrastructure construction that is more effective than in the construction of sewage pipelines. The above-mentioned Audit Office report shows that the construction funds of sewage treatment pipe network in many areas of 9 provinces and cities are idle and stranded, while more than 1. 5 billion yuan has been misappropriated as funds for lending and equity investment, there are many parts that should have been used for the construction of sewage pipe network. In order to fully mobilize the enthusiasm of the local government, the Ministry of Finance and the Ministry of Housing and Construction jointly issued a document on 2007 to implement the sewage treatment pipe network built around the country; Reward 200 thousand yuan subsidy standard per kilometer. However, the insiders reflect that the sewage pipe network is a government investment project, and the subsidy is; After the event, it is difficult to fully mobilize the enthusiasm of the local government. Many sewage pipe networks are in a state of shutdown or semi-shutdown due to insufficient funds. On May this year, the two departments revised the payment method of special funds again and adopted a certain proportion of subsidies by region according to the total investment of the project to further solve the problem. Jing Wenyong said that the construction cost of the sewage treatment pipe network is equivalent to that of building a sewage treatment plant, and it is obviously more reasonable to subsidize according to the proportion of total investment. However, when many sewage treatment pipe network projects are completed and put into operation, there are often phenomena such as pipeline rupture or unreasonable design leading to sewage backflow, which still directly affect the water supply and treatment efficiency of sewage treatment plants. According to a survey by CCTV reporters, the sewage treatment pipeline in Pingyang county of Wenzhou was put into trial operation only at the end of 2008. In less than a year, it was seriously damaged and the sewage leaked out. Promotion of industrialization capacity; Weak, at present, many water companies are involved in the sewage treatment business in BOT mode, that is, the operating unit is responsible for the sewage treatment plant from infrastructure, construction to post-operation management and other complete set of business, and by collecting the sewage treatment funds allocated by the municipal authorities as the main income of the profit model. However, the serious lag in the construction of supporting pipe networks and the ineffective implementation of special funds directly affect the profitability of water enterprises undertaking the construction, process design and operation management of sewage treatment plants. The head of a large domestic sewage treatment company told reporters that generally speaking, the total investment in the early stage of a project with a daily treatment capacity of 150 thousand tons is generally 0. 2 billion yuan, and the completion period is two years, however, because the pipe network construction is not matched and the operation load is insufficient, it will take 5 to 6 years for the project to reach production. Although some enterprises agreed that the processing capacity should be equipped with the corresponding pipe network water delivery scale when signing the project contract with the local government, the actual implementation process could not be implemented. Held in October 13; At the second national sewage treatment summit forum for small and medium-sized towns and rural areas, a core topic discussed by the delegates was how to reduce the operating costs of sewage treatment enterprises through technological progress and business model reengineering. Wang Jialian, secretary-general of the water pollution Special Committee of the China Environmental Protection Industry Association, said at the meeting that the government has paid more attention to the marketization of municipal public utilities and allowed private investment to intervene, BOT mode is regarded as an important measure to promote the construction of sewage treatment plants in various places, but various related policies have not yet been perfected. Wang Jialian pointed out that there is a phenomenon of lowering the quotation in the bidding process of BOT projects, which not only reduces the burden of government investment as much as possible, but also increases the pressure on the operating cost of sewage treatment enterprises, this has affected the enthusiasm of enterprises to participate in sewage treatment. ; In fact, the technology level of domestic sewage treatment industry has been in the forefront of the world at present, but it is precisely because this industry is still mainly relying on policy promotion, and the absence of market mechanism makes many enterprises hold back, there is still a lack of motivation to improve the industrialization capacity of the whole industry. Wang Jialian said.
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