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Shoe factory mouldproof operation procedures

by:LiangYueLiang     2020-03-28
According to the general shoes manufacture craft and the factory's production process, operation Suggestions in accordance with the following methods, can effectively inhibit the growth of mold comprehensively, ensure the shoes in the process of production, storage, transportation, no mildew, completely solve the dangers of shoes mold. A, selection of plant new fabrics ( Especially crazy horse outermost layer of skin, color changing oil USES, the outermost layer of skin, flocking leather, oil wax, such as woven fiber is longer, oil heavy leather) Before mass production sample cut to make beautiful loch microbial testing, animal fat, vegetable fat, minerals lipid and starch, saturated and unsaturated fatty acids and nutrients and microbial testing content, determine whether to need to do special treatment. Second, the heel ( Especially the package layer leather heel, wood with) Its humidity no more than 9%, if you are using water-based glue, you should add mould inhibitor in water-based glue or hardener, special attention to skin with after coating the surface oil to dry and then wax, wax to prevent after not easy dry and lead to mildew. Three, shoelaces, easy absorption of moisture, especially wax shoelaces, shoes must be completely dry, the humidity is no more than 8%; Injection mould inhibitor before bind completely dry before using ( Shoelaces is not easy to spray evenly, suggest to dose once again and again) 。 Four, using hot water vapour in the laminating material of glue is not easy to completely dry, laminate advice cool completely before good lap after bagging, ( The joint of the pipeline can be appropriately extended cooling distance) The humidity is no more than 8%, and suggested to add 1 - in water-based laminating adhesive 3% mould inhibitor. Five, PU sandals Suggestions made have mouldproof effect of cleaner or add 3% in ordinary cleaner 5% of the fungicide clean shoe. Six, post-processing of materials, especially water-based resin, wax oil, handle agent should be completely dry. Wipe the shoe polish shoes recommended in shoe polish add 5% of fungicide, also has obvious protective effect. Seven, the normal leather should be spray fungicide on the shoes, on the basis of 2 grams per square foot. Encounter, fiber is long, fat higher humidity leather, should increase the dose. Don't forget your shoes, shoes, the heel position. Spray for boots with mauri MAO in moderate to good, good spraying fungicide to completely dry ( Asked whether there are ultraviolet disinfection mouldproof box have after 2 minutes or 2 meters of the oven, the temperature in the 40 - Drying process about 50 ° C) 。 Eight, the factory air compressor need regular water or with air filter, otherwise easily when he first spray the water jet airway, cause mould. Nine, vacuum cooler frost, please don't adjust to the critical to avoid water accumulation. It is difficult to dry. Cooler to stranded water vapor, it is suggested that the cooler wall with fungicide clean on a regular basis. Ten, pure white shoes or polishing sheepskin, gold lacquer skin, the light of the outermost layer of skin resistance chromaticity bad fabrics can be the main jet, or inside the box. 11, inside box must be dry, the humidity is no more than 12%, in front of the shoe suggest open the shoe cover be dried in the oven. Otherwise, you should brush the right amount of mould inhibitor ( 1 g of a shoe box) Twelve, carton humidity no more than 11%, otherwise after spraying a moderate amount of fungicide before packing into special warehouse again sealed around the joint. 13, if there is no special warehouse ( Smoke wet room) , had better not directly on the warehouse floor finish shoes, want to use pallet isolation, and wall to keep a distance of 50 cm, and pay attention to ventilation, check every week, and completes the record of temperature and humidity in the warehouse. Leather warehouse, packaging and finished products warehouse regularly spraying fungicide, or ultraviolet disinfection process, in order to reduce the surrounding environment, the content of harmful microorganism in the air and avoid contaminated materials or products. 14, using biochemical desiccant, ensure space relatively dry in the box. Biochemical desiccant don't open it before use sealed packaging, should be sealed, not use up the day so as not to be affected with damp be affected with damp lower efficacy, 15, selection has bacteriostatic action of wrapping paper to wrap shoes complete. Cationic mouldproof bales paper use vacuum packing, please seal the sealing of the day's not fully used. 16, pay attention to the container truck is clean, leaking, use the special mould inhibitor of semi sterilization when necessary, to avoid cross-infection. In container dry rods, control container condensation phenomenon. Reduce the risk of mold. Note: ( Bright moon can provide shoe factory mouldproof operating rules of the box or uv ultraviolet disinfection mouldproof mouldproof germicidal lamp of form a complete set and provide the solution. About uv mouldproof germicidal lamp acceptance standard: according to the two sides agreed production line speed, ultraviolet radiation dose can be up to standard. )
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