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Several problems existing in ultraviolet disinfection and sterilization of water treatment

by:LiangYueLiang     2020-02-26

ultraviolet germicidal lamps has become the first choice for deep purification technology of water supply.

Most of the ultraviolet water treatment equipment uses the traditional low-voltage UV lamp technology, and some large water plants use low-voltage high-intensity UV lamp system and medium-voltage high-intensity UV lamp system, due to the generation of high-intensity ultraviolet rays, the number of lamps may be reduced by more than 90%, thus reducing the floor area, saving installation and maintenance costs, and making the ultraviolet disinfection method applicable to effluent with poor water quality.

But there are still several problems with the UV disinfection and sterilization lamps used in water treatment:

(1) The ultraviolet disinfection method cannot provide the remaining disinfection capacity. When the treated water leaves the reactor, some microorganisms killed by ultraviolet rays will repair damaged DNA molecules and regenerate bacteria under the light resurrection mechanism. Therefore, to further study the principle and conditions of light resurrection, to determine the minimum UV irradiation intensity, time or dose to avoid the occurrence of light resurrection.

(2) The cleaning of the outer wall of the quartz casing is the key to operation and maintenance. When sewage flows through the ultraviolet sterilizer, many inorganic impurities will precipitate and adhere to the outer wall of the casing. Especially when the content of organic matter in sewage is high, it is easier to form a fouling film, and microorganisms are easy to grow to form a biofilm, which will inhibit the transmission of ultraviolet rays and affect the disinfection effect. Therefore, reasonable anti-scaling measures and cleaning devices must be adopted according to different water quality, and an ultraviolet sterilizer with automatic cleaning function must be developed.

(3) At present, the domestic water treatment germicidal lamp ultraviolet lamp implements the national industry standard of straight-tube quartz ultraviolet low-pressure mercury disinfection lamp. The maximum power of the lamp is 500 W, and the effective life is generally 5000 h, the effective operation time of imported low-voltage lamps can reach 8000 ~ 12000 h, medium voltage lamp can reach 5000 ~ 6000h In contrast, the use of domestic lamps will increase maintenance costs. Therefore, the development of UV lamps with long production life or the direct introduction of foreign advanced UV lamp production technology is an urgent problem to be solved at present. Guangzhou bright moon Technology Co. , Ltd. specializes in producing all kinds of ultraviolet germicidal lamps for water treatment. The technology adopted is good and the quality and performance are relatively stable.

(4) In our country's current bidding for the ultraviolet disinfection system of sewage plants, some sewage plants have deepened the chroma of the discharged sewage due to the introduction of a large amount of industrial sewage, however, the parameters of the ultraviolet transmittance of the sewage in the bidding documents still adopt the numerical values provided by foreign countries, which is quite different from the actual situation of domestic sewage and meets the disinfection requirements for the future operation of the ultraviolet equipment, leaving behind insurmountable obstacles.

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