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School guidelines for use with ultraviolet lamp

by:LiangYueLiang     2020-09-28
Ultraviolet disinfection lamp has very strong in the air disinfection sterilization effect, widely used in school, kindergarten, canteen catering etc.

uv sterilization principle: ultraviolet disinfection sterilization principle is to use ultraviolet photons energy broken water in all kinds of viruses, bacteria and other circulating DNA structure. Is mainly makes the DNA of various structure bond rupture or photochemical polymerization reaction, such as in the DNA thymine dimer, making all kinds of viruses, bacteria and other circulating loss replicate ability, to achieve the effect of sterilization.

will now use the school about using the guidelines below:

a, strict requirements, specifications and installation

schools and kindergartens must be under the guidance of the health sector, strictly implement relevant regulations governing the use of installation, specification and installation. Small and medium-sized school classroom, function room and other public places, no special needs, is generally not fixed , can be equipped with mobile health disinfection .

installation requirements: and lamp switch must be set apart, and keep a certain distance, the lamp switch and lamp switch are not allowed to be parallel. Switch is set to 2 meters from the ground, lifted the lid, and switch to eye-catching warning label on the lid, not simply write the word 'ultraviolet lamp'.

2, sound system, implement the responsibility

every school, nursery school to establish and improve the use of ultraviolet lamp and control system, under the guidance of the health sector, strengthen the school and kindergarten care doctor, nurse, and canteen hygiene knowledge training of relevant personnel.

1, strengthen the management of ultraviolet lamp, their quest to establish a uv use clipboard, record start dates of each uv lamp, sterilization time every day. The lamp at least once a week cleaning job.

2, to strengthen the business of professional personnel training, strict operation.

3, establish a sound system, standard dominated disinfection isolation system. For newly installed disinfection equipment, to work out the corresponding standard operation system and management system, and implement to the people.

3, ultraviolet lamp to use

1, scope of application: used in indoor air, surfaces and disinfection of water and other liquids.

2, method of use:

( 1) Disinfection of indoor air:

a) High intensity ultraviolet air disinfector, indirect ZhaoSheFa: choice for not only disinfection effect is reliable, and can be used in indoor activities, general lights 30 min can achieve disinfection disinfection qualified. The ground less than 2 m tube distance work.

  b) Direct ZhaoSheFa: under the condition of indoor no one, can take the lamp pendant or mobile direct illuminate. Using indoor pendant ultraviolet disinfection, indoor installation of ( 30 w uv lamp in 1. The intensity of 0 m & gt; 70μW/cm2) For the average number of m3 is not less than 1. 5 w, the irradiation time of not less than 30 min.

  ( 2) Disinfection on the surface of objects, it is best to use a portable uv sterilizer close a mobile light, also can adopt uv lamp pendant light. Ultraviolet disinfection can be put on the light in the cabinet of small items. Specific requirements: tubes shall not exceed 1 meter distance from the object surface, should be used by direct illuminate light surface, and should achieve enough exposure dose ( Kill bacteria spore should reach 100000 mu Ws/cm2) 。

3, note:

a) In use process, should be kept clean on the surface of the ultraviolet lamp, generally use alcohol cotton ball wiping once a week.

  b) With ultraviolet light disinfection of indoor air, the room should keep clean and dry, reduce dust and water mist.

c) Surfaces with ultraviolet disinfection, should make light surface by direct exposure to the sun's ultraviolet rays, and should achieve enough exposure dose.

  d) Using direct exposure to the sun's ultraviolet rays disinfection, shall not indoors. Shall not make ultraviolet (uv) light irradiation to the people, lest cause damage.

e) Using records, determination of radiation intensity once every six months, and recorded.

  f) Kindergarten USES ultraviolet light disinfection of isolated populations for 30 minutes, sanitized and let the air circulation, 30 minutes is safe and effective.

4, operations staff personal protection:

in the absence of protective measures, short-wave ultraviolet ray can cause immediate harm to human body:

1, the people's eyes and the skin is exposed to ultraviolet light line can't more than 3 minutes.

2, if direct illuminate after 15 minutes, can make the cornea injury electro-optic ophthalmia, eyes all of a sudden severe pain and foreign body sensation, photophobia, tears or blepharospasm, etc.

3, radiation can damage the eyes and skin for a long time, leading to severe ocular trauma and skin burns, and may lead to skin cancer. Must demand ultraviolet light disinfection operators must wear protective gear, such as using the multi-function safety glasses to protect eyes never direct illuminate; At the same time should also avoid the skin exposed to uv radiation. For uv disinfection in public places, the irrelevant personnel should be avoided, especially the elderly and the children go to prevent ultraviolet lamp workspace.
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