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Relationship between electronic ballast and electric light source

by:LiangYueLiang     2019-12-12
The relationship between electronic ballast and electric light source, gas discharge lamp according to the use of the ballast method is different, the ballast circuit can be divided into: resistance ballast, inductance ballast, capacitance ballast, inductance-There are five types of capacitor ballast and electronic ballast. In practice, inductance ballast and electronic ballast are widely used. However, using inductive ballast to supply power at 50Hz AC mains has great defects. First of all, whenever the AC mains power is over zero, the lamp will extinguish the fire, which will cause the lamp tube to produce 100Hz flashing light, thus reducing the luminous efficiency of the lamp tube. At the same time, because the inductive ballast works at 50Hz power frequency mains frequency, it is bulky and bulky, and it also needs to consume a large amount of metal materials such as silicon steel and copper, which is difficult to dissipate heat, low in working efficiency, and has a light-emitting stroboscopic phenomenon, however, high frequency AC electronic ballast can overcome the above shortcomings of inductive ballast and is an effective ballast method. In 1978, ordinary lighting fluorescent lamps first used electronic ballasts with high frequency power conversion technology. With the progress of semiconductor technology and power electronics technology, the application of electronic ballasts has become very common today. High-frequency AC electronic ballast technology has high luminous efficiency, no stroboscopic, energy-saving, easy to realize lighting group control, dimming control and lighting computer networking (Such as Ethernet)Control (If DALI, C- Related products such as BUS, can bus, WLAN and Ethernet LAN technology)And other advantages, now has been well applied. At this stage of lighting electric light source, gas discharge lamp (Low pressure gas discharge lamp fluorescent lamp; High pressure gas discharge lamp mercury arc lamp, high pressure sodium lamp, metal halide lamp, etc) It has become a trend to replace incandescent lamps with high power consumption and low efficiency, and it is even more imperative to replace Inductive ballasts with high power factor electronic ballasts with high power consumption and low power factor. For the technical requirements of electronic ballasts, when the gas discharge lamp works with the electronic ballast, in order to ensure that the gas discharge lamp can ignite normally and does not cause damage to the performance of the lamp, the electronic ballast must meet the following requirements: (1) provide a high enough starting voltage to both ends of the lamp tube and use the lamp tube to ignite reliably. At present, most electronic ballasts generate series resonance through LC series resonant circuits, thus generating the high voltage required for lamp ignition, which is applied to both ends of the lamp to start the lamp ignition. At the same time, the cathode of the lamp tube should be preheated, and the preheating time should not be less than 0. 4S, cathode preheating voltage or current must meet the relevant requirements of product standards. (2) after the lamp tube is ignited, a suitable and stable working current must be provided for the lamp tube. If the working current of the lamp tube is higher than its rated working current, the service life of the lamp tube will be affected. However, if the working current of the lamp tube is small, the luminous efficiency of the lamp tube will be affected. The output power of the electronic ballast, the voltage applied to both ends of the lamp tube and the actual working current provided to the lamp tube must match the parameters of the matched lamp tube.
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