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Ozone ultraviolet lamp can eliminate mites?

by:LiangYueLiang     2020-09-26
Ozone ultraviolet lamp can eliminate mites? Ozone ultraviolet lamp can except mites scientific research and experimental results show that the rate of killing bacteria and viruses of ozone is far higher than that of using methods such as uv, ozone is easy to dissolve in water, its solubility in water is about 13 times that of oxygen, soluble in water after ozone has better disinfection sterilization ability. Mostly small amounts of ozone is harmful, the average person can accept the amount of not more than one percent. A small amount can be refreshing, there are a lot of benefits. Ozone can kill mites. Ozone used for disinfection is better than that of chemical disinfection and ultraviolet irradiation, sterilization speed, high humidity sterilization effect is better. Ozone is allotrope of oxygen. With functions of ozone ultraviolet disinfection lamp, only the intensity of uv irradiation higher than ordinary ultraviolet lamp, produce ozone is a function of the 'incidental', so the generated ozone obviously cannot be compared with 'full-time' ozone machine. Ultraviolet light, can produce ozone because of oxidation, such as ultraviolet intensity is high, the more ozone is generated. Ultraviolet penetration is very weak, Generally used for disinfection on the surface of the object surface light source and distance cannot be more than 1. Has the function of ozone ultraviolet disinfection lamp work well, because it is using uv antivirus bacteria at the same time, also produce ozone sterilization, and fresh air. Enough concentration, long enough, can kill mites. Abroad have do such a test video, I have ever seen. But the average concentration of ozone gas, room disinfection with the kind of strong cost, probably not.
not too superstitious this smelly. Ozone has to virus very strong exterminate, for example Poloi virus in the ozone concentration is 0. 05 - 0. 45 mg/L, 2 min will lose activity. In the ozone concentration is 0. Under the cost of 3 mg/L 2 role. 4 min was completely. Related products: ozone ultraviolet lamp
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