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Ozone ultraviolet lamp

by:LiangYueLiang     2020-09-26
Ozone ultraviolet lamp related initial ozone productivity standards without uv germicidal lamp lamp initial ozone output should be lower than 0. 05 g/( 千瓦•h) ; With initial ozone output of ozone lamp should be not less than 80% of the nominal value to perform source 'GB19258 - 2012 ultraviolet ozone sterilization lamp 'national standards for how to choose the light and no ozone lamp uv lamp selection, should according to actual application scenario for scientific selection. No ozone sterilization lamp: without ozone sterilization lamp because of its characteristics of ozone, with LONGPRO trump ultraviolet germicidal lamp products science and technology as an example, has been widely used in the surface of the air sterilization, water treatment, the elevator building, blood virus inactivated, nucleic acid extraction aerosol application domains such as sterilization, cosmetics/food packages material sterilization. Ozone sterilization lamp: 185 nm band ultraviolet ray and ozone role can produce a strong oxidation air, can kill the bacteria ultraviolet rays less than place, can effectively kill bacteria. LONGPRO ozone ultraviolet lamp products of science and technology has been applied in wastewater treatment, water treatment in addition to chloride, exhaust lampblack decomposition, air purification, in addition to methanol and other fields. Is ozone sterilization lamp is generally adopts quartz glass manufacturing, gao peng compared with glass, quartz glass penetration is stronger, effective uv germicidal lamp transmittance was 93%, and the lamp of ultraviolet radiation intensity will be higher. With oxygen in the air the ultraviolet radiation from the photolysis under uv irradiation to form oxygen, oxygen and oxygen react to form ozone further.
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