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Overcurrent type and immersion type in water treatment sterilization lamp

by:LiangYueLiang     2019-12-18
The over-current type and immersion type in the water treatment germicidal lamp are divided into treatment objects, including wastewater treatment, urban water supply treatment, drinking water treatment, purified water treatment and farm water treatment; In principle, there are disinfection, sterilization, photodecomposition and degradation and other photochemical reactions; According to the method of using water treatment germicidal lamp, it is directly put into water, which is called immersion type; Put the ultraviolet lamp into the sleeve and use it, which is called overcurrent type. The sterilization function of the water treatment sterilization lamp can include, for example, the sterilization principle of the over-current sterilizer, the certain water flow under the pressure generated by the water pump flows through the periphery of the Shi Ying sleeve that can transmit ultraviolet rays, and the 253 generated by the ultraviolet lamp. 7NM ultraviolet rays sterilize and disinfect the passing water. Its characteristics are that the water body has flow and speed. Generally speaking, the flow time outside the Shi Ying casing is not more than 1 S, so the intensity requirement for ultraviolet lamps is relatively high, the surface strength is required to exceed 30000UW/cm2. In order to produce such a high ultraviolet intensity, it is necessary to choose a high-power ultraviolet germicidal lamp. If you still want to improve the disinfection effect by prolonging the time, you should choose a longer sterilization lamp tube, make a longer equipment, or treat the vortex structure on the stainless steel outer wall, to extend the time of the water flow. For some high-end products, the over-current disinfection method should not only be equipped with more complex structures, but also have complex control systems, such as ultraviolet intensity monitoring system, water temperature monitoring system, disinfection time accumulation, ultraviolet lamp monitoring, fault alarm, automatic sound and light alarm and other systems. In addition, over-current equipment also requires the environment and treatment objects, such as the temperature of water, and the transparency of water has a great influence on the disinfection effect of water. When the ultraviolet germicidal lamp works, the optimal surface temperature is 40 degrees Celsius. If the temperature is too high or too low, the output effect of ultraviolet rays will be affected. The worse the transparency of water, the easier ultraviolet rays are absorbed and the lower the utilization rate. Opposite to the overcurrent type, the immersion type (Also known as diving) The structure is relatively simple, completely submerged ultraviolet germicidal lamp (There are also semi-submerged) It can be put directly into water. This product can be used for flowing water or static water. It is worth noting that the submerged germicidal lamp may rupture due to an accident and be treated for a long time. The surface of the germicidal lamp will be covered by pollutants such as algae in the water, seriously affecting the ultraviolet radiation.
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