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New LED ultraviolet germicidal lamp

by:LiangYueLiang     2019-12-16
A Japanese research team announced recently that they have successfully developed a new and efficient LED deep ultraviolet germicidal lamp, compared with the traditional low-pressure mercury lamp, it has the advantages of small volume, power saving, environmental protection and long service life. It is reported that in the medical and food fields, low-pressure mercury lamps are often used for sterilization, but because mercury is easy to cause harm to the environment, researchers have been hoping to find environmental protection substitutes with excellent performance. Deep ultraviolet rays are ultraviolet rays with relatively short wavelengths, which are more efficient in killing bacteria and viruses. The brightness, luminous efficiency and service life of a deep ultraviolet LED lamp with a wavelength of about 260 nm are affected by substrate crystallization. Tokyo a & M University and our research team have developed a technology that can produce high-purity aluminum nitride crystals, thus obtaining the current high-performance substrate crystals, the sterilization effect and service life of the LED lamp are guaranteed. According to reports, this new type of deep ultraviolet LED lamp can work only with dry batteries, and can be used for portable sterilization devices and culture solution sterilization, etc. This technology has already obtained basic patents in Japan and the United States. We plan to further improve the product performance and strive to bring the product to market in 2015.
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