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Water Sterilization

Some people may doubt and ask why ultraviolet light could killl the baceteria and virus. Is it really effective? Here comes the answer.

The cell has its own reaction rule that it absorb most of the light of 250~270nm wavelength, and the absorbed ultraviolet light will have photochemical reaction to cell’s DNA. The ultraviolet energy is absorbed by the basic group which returnly result in the genetic material variation and kills the bacteria or or stop the cells reproduction.

And the low preasure germicidal uv light bulbs produce most ultraviolet radiation at 254nm, which is closed to the preferred 250~270nm and recognized as the most effective for sterilization and disinfection.  

And under 185nm uv ozone lamp, the UV light could decompose the oxegeon from the air, and produce the reactive oxygeon for photooxygenation happening. Then the reactive oxygeon will joint with the oxygen and comes out the ozone, which could be used for TOC degradation, odor removal, also decolorize.

Speaking for sterilization efficiency, the sterilization rate could reach up to 90% for suitable UV dose. 

Bacteria and Virus Type

Bacillus anthracis






Spiral virus 

Algae robes


flu virus


Ultra Violet Sterilization Benefit


Physical sterilization, environmental without adding any chemical and poisons


Low operation cost, and easy maintanence


No second-pollution, not change the color/taste/PH of water


High sterilization efficiency reaching up to 99%


Clean drink water

Domestic waste water

  • Municipal sewage water

Ultra-pure water

Landscape water

Spa and pool, aquarium

Beverage/food water processing

TOC & COD degradation

Warm Remind

Please do NOT look at the ultraviolet light directly, and NOT exposure your skin under the ultraviolet light.

In a necessary case, please wears protecting glasses and gloves or clothes.

Domestic waste water project 

Municipal sewage project
320W UV lamp replacement project
Philippine Fish farming Project
Africa Pond Project
Open system for sewage under assembling
Drink Water plant installation site
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