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NEW ARRIVAL-Waterproof UV ballast

NEW ARRIVAL-Waterproof UV ballast


New Arrival. This is our waterproof and explosion-proof UV ballast.

What is the meaning of “waterproof” UV ballast?? It means you could throw the UV ballast under the water, it still could work and they are still working normally.

Besides, it’s explossion-proof, and passed the EX test and mark as ingress proteciton IP66. Some people may get confused why I need explosion proof ballast, what is good for explosion proof. Not every customer will require this special ballast, it’s specially designed for the surrounding with explossive air around like methane, for example the VOCs treatment in mining industry, garbage station, heavy industry, chemical etc.

Please contact us for technical suggestion, we will come out with solution based on your project needs, such as the air componet, air flow (how many CMH), the air intensity(how many ppm) and expected result.

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