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Medical ultraviolet lamp intensity test process

by:LiangYueLiang     2020-09-28
Medical ultraviolet lamp intensity testing process ( 1) Can to uv germicidal lamp measurement rack, indicator card rear lamp below the illuminate of vertical center of the stage, With irradiation distance can be adjusted up and down the tubes, in order to make the light intensity of detection rules) 。 ( 2) Open 30 w uv lamp, after waiting for 5 min, lamp work stability, according to the instructions card indicating the strength of the standard colors, respectively to adjust lamp irradiation units under test point at the centre of the ultraviolet radiation intensity
( With illuminance meter determination) For the next test. ( 3) Exposure test, the determination of the rack to illuminate indicator card color area. Every 10 indicator card as a group, each group of irradiation for 1 min, the intensity of each light 3 groups ( A total of 30
indicator card) 。 ( 4) After irradiation, to illuminate the instructions of the card immediately with the naked eye observation, compare the color change area color piece with the color of the corresponding standard color piece. ( 5) With illuminance meter determination of ultraviolet radiation intensity at the same time, in order to check with the instruction card. ( 6) Color piece in the color area and the standard color piece, as well as instruction card test results and the accuracy of determination results are 90% or higher illuminance meter, can be judged to be qualified. To master the ultraviolet lamp irradiation intensity is in line with the standard, the hospital of ultraviolet lamp radiation intensity shall test the strength of the semi-annual. Uv lamp detection qualified rate of more than 90% commonly, such as detection of qualified rate of less than 90%, should be replaced immediately tubes, and the intensity of ultraviolet irradiation intensity were greater than 70 uw/cm2, accord with the standard 'technical standard for disinfection, the percent of pass is 100%.
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