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Medical ultraviolet germicidal lamps have a harm to human body?

by:LiangYueLiang     2020-05-21
Medical ultraviolet germicidal lamp is ultraviolet lamp, it is the use of the high intensity of ultraviolet radiation makes viruses, germs, protein denaturation to lose activity. When the body is shining after high intensity of ultraviolet ray, also can make protein denaturation, which can lead to skin blister, redness and swelling. Eye damage, etc. 10 - ultraviolet (uv) is a kind of wavelength 400 nm uv radiation outside the first comes from the sun, shining its wavelength is 290 ~ 400 nm. The right amount of shine ultraviolet ray can strengthen the physique and to resist infection, promote the composition of vitamin D3, maintain normal calcium and phosphorus metabolism of bone growth and development, accelerate the healing of wounds, progress immunity. Ultraviolet (uv) according to its wavelength can be divided into three parts: A uv wavelength is 0. 32 - — 0. 40 microns, A uv impact on our performance in the form of vitamin D has A promoting effect, but too much of A uv germicidal lamp shines cohesion, can cause performance to suppress the immune system function, or the lack of A little shine ultraviolet and prone to lupus disease and cataract; B ultraviolet wavelength is 0. 28 a 0. 32 microns, the impact of uv B on our performance in the skin to become red and decreased the production of vitamin D in the short term, long-term bear can cause skin cancer, cataract and suppress the immune system function; Uv wavelength is located 0 C. A 0 01. Between 28 micron. C almost all ultraviolet ray is absorbed by the ozone layer, the impact is not big to us. Above is the bright moon to talk about medical ultraviolet germicidal lamps have a harm to human body, everybody can understand and have a look.
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