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Medical ultraviolet germicidal lamp use need to pay attention to what issues?

by:LiangYueLiang     2020-05-04
Medical ultraviolet germicidal lamp has a strong bactericidal effect, so popular, but because the ultraviolet ray whether is still have certain damage to human body, so the use of ultraviolet ray sterilizing lamp of cent, is ten local is still needs pay attention to this. Scope of application: used for disinfection of indoor air, surfaces. Equipment and use of tubes, please do not too hard. Hands should catch screwing on both ends of the tube. Replace the lamp, it is necessary to block the power supply. Ultraviolet (uv) would amount to a burns to skin and eyes, please pay attention and protection. Prevent direct exposure to the human body for a long time. Uv destruction of organic cells. Do not for pets and plants for a long time exposure. Give heed to keep out the interior precious calligraphy and painting, long ultraviolet irradiation oxidation discoloration. Don't use the sterilization lamp as light. Disinfection with moderate advisable, it is not recommended for a long time to open the ultraviolet lamp. When clean the lamp, please block the power, or alcohol use clean soft cloth graze, avoid is used a gasoline and other organic solution is wiped. To prevent children playing and contact. The room after the disinfection, please open a window ventilated. Exhaust damaged tubes please properly handle, do not lose at will. So, when using ultraviolet sterilizing lamp, don't be too casual, so-so, should read carefully using the manual, correct carefully using ultraviolet sterilization lamp. Above is the bright moon told us medical ultraviolet germicidal lamps using demand advertent where is what problem, we can brief understanding and have a look. Content is for reference only, need consultation can contact us.
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