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Market efficiency of sewage for sterilization and disinfection of water treatment

by:LiangYueLiang     2019-12-17
The sewage market efficiency of water treatment sterilization and disinfection is affected by the planned economic system. China's urban sewage treatment is regarded as a social public welfare undertaking, thus forming an administrative control mode that relies solely on government supply, there is a common problem: the operation efficiency of urban sewage treatment facilities is too low, the operation cost is too high, and the waste of resources is serious. In order to overcome these situations, we must also rely on market means. As a public product and service, the construction and operation of urban sewage treatment facilities will be conducive to strengthening competition if the simple government supply system in the past is abandoned and the market mechanism is introduced, improving the efficiency of the government and resources is conducive to solving the problem of environmental resource allocation; Government failure. During the transition period of industrialization, urbanization and modernization in our country, due to the rapid development of urban economy, rapid population expansion and continuous expansion of urban scale over the years, the serious shortage of government financial resources will lead to a huge financing gap in the investment of urban sewage treatment facilities. Therefore, market-oriented means are also needed to make up for the gap in capital demand. With the rapid development of social economy, the deterioration trend of urban water pollution is becoming more and more serious, and the contradiction between Urban Water Environment Resources and scarcity is becoming increasingly prominent. The introduction of market mechanism will be conducive to the internalization of external problems of polluters, thus contributing to higher efficiency, allocate urban water resources more fairly, and then alleviate the scarcity contradiction of increasingly tense urban water resources to a certain extent.
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