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Many customers feedback waste gas treatment uv light oxygen lamp is more backward effect is worse?

by:LiangYueLiang     2020-03-05

Why do many customers feedback that the effect of waste gas treatment uv germicidal lamp oxygen lamp is very good at the beginning of use, the worse the effect is later?

254nm and 185nm ultraviolet rays although the proportion of radiation will not change after mercury atoms are excited, however, the proportion and attenuation degree of 185 ultraviolet ray from the wall of Shi Ying glass tube are greatly affected by the selected shi ying glass material and the treatment method for Shi Ying glass. Because the shorter the wavelength, the higher the 185nm ultraviolet light requires the selected shi ying material.

UV lamps for UV sterilization purposes, because the transmission of UV rays at 254nm wavelength is relatively less demanding, however, the transmission of 185nm vacuum ultraviolet rays requires relatively high materials, and the hydroxyl content of the real high ozone uv photooxygen lamp is less than 5PPM (Actually close to 0) The impurity content is less than 20MMP and the purity is 99. 999% quartz glass, the uv light oxygen tube made of this kind of quartz glass is about 30% higher than the conventional market uv lamp ozone output rate. This is not the key yet, the most important thing is that this real high-ozone special Shi Ying glass has a maximum attenuation of 185nm ultraviolet rays of only 20℃ in its 10000-hour life, while the conventional ozone ultraviolet lamp is subject to the attenuation of 185nm ultraviolet rays in 3000 or 4000 hours of lighting. the material affects nearly 50%! This is the main reason why the effect is worse in the future.

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