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Manufacturer to give you some use less of the sterilization lamp tips

by:LiangYueLiang     2020-10-06
Manufacturer to give you some tips to use less sterilization lamp uv germicidal lamp use advice: 1, using half a year after the sterilization lamp, the lamp and wash out, because of the scale, slime effect light, reducing the efficiency of the germicidal lamp. 2, the germicidal lamp wattage don't use too much, otherwise will become ozone water after sterilization lamp of water, can cause fish poisoning moments. 3, are heavily dependent on uv germicidal lamp to sterilization effect, and the ultraviolet radiation to human body have damage, so should pay attention to when using the sterilization lamp, can't direct illuminate to a person's skin, especially the eyes. 4, avoid using, in the master cylinder direct illuminate fish only surface will affect the normal growth. Use, used in the filter tank as far as possible, and try to stay far away, the filter material and filter material to be the obstacle, make the loss to a minimum of nitrifying bacteria. 5, sterilizing lamp and fluorescent lamp used separately, because when a fluorescent lamp is algae breeding exuberant. Finally, : ultraviolet germicidal lamp is a very useful things, much better than the old giving fish, just buy one. Although medicine is sick, but is medicine 3 minutes poison, especially a lot of people blind remedy to the case, leading to barrage fish to die. Keep a good living environment, good water quality can greatly reduce the incidence of fish, undoubtedly greatly improve the quality of the water, the sterilization lamp can kill germs, floating in the water also have special effects to green algae. On a few hours a day, is of great help to the water. Another is to direct water sterilization, the sterilization lamp will not affect your biological filtration system, it is also can't than all sterilization potion.
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