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Manufacturer of universal use ultraviolet related measures to avoid them

by:LiangYueLiang     2020-10-05
Manufacturer measures of universal avoid errors using uv ultraviolet lamp manufacturers: 1, enhance the management of the use of ultraviolet disinfection lamp setting rules for use of ultraviolet disinfection rules and regulations, perfect the work flow, the disinfection work arrangements in the divisions of the fixed, fixed time, responsibility to the people, the nurse disinfection when at least two people to know, to remind each other, and make a record signing. 2, hanging signs, warning effect when the ultraviolet disinfection, hanging at the door clear identity, such as ultraviolet disinfection, please do not enter, prompt medical staff, cleaning staff, patients and their families - do not enter. 3, the application of intelligent techniques to control installation warning device, such as: flashing light or sound alarm device, etc. , will this kind of equipment with uv lamp series, using the same switch, when open the uv germicidal lamp, flashing light or sound alarm device at the same time open, on the visual and auditory give obvious hints. Enter indoor staff would be realized is sterilized at this time. In terms of quality monitoring, designed for monitoring intelligent digital display type. To realize the automatic control in the ultraviolet disinfection, such as open time and the uv lamp every time accumulated time record and storage; Uv lamp cumulative use records for 1000 h, automatic alarm. Automatic monitoring disinfection environment temperature and humidity, etc. 4, and actively do a good job in publicity and education work to strengthen the medical place related knowledge training of medical staff, cleaning staff. Right, the principle of the ultraviolet disinfection method and the matters needing attention. In this emphasis on strengthening the health of the patient and family education in the institute, the nurse prior to ultraviolet disinfection, should explain to the patient and family members, informed the adverse effects of radiation, request to cooperate. 5, the nurse should do a good job busy self protection work also should pass good disinfection room, avoid irrelevant personnel to enter, disinfection after 30 minutes, close the switch therapy or any operation, so as to avoid adverse reactions. 6, strengthening the supervision and guidance of infection control professionals should be thorough clinical front line, often reinforced guide work and discover the potential hazards in supervision and weak links, and to guide clinical take effective measures to rectify the existing problems, and to avoid the superficial form of hospital disinfection work. Relevant product information: ultraviolet lamp manufacturers
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