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Manufacturer of some of the problems the sterilization lamp collection

by:LiangYueLiang     2020-10-04
Factory to sort out some problems in the sterilization lamp collection ultraviolet germicidal lamp: use sterilization lamp how long does it need to be open, you can use a few hours a day, is to avoid any fish tank water nitration system is not sound. It also can save life. Special material determines the germicidal lamp sterilization lamp life, use several hours a day, can effectively extend the service life. Buy how much wattage germicidal lamp: the germicidal lamp wattage is twice that of water treatment, so as to achieve basic sterilization effect and prevent algae growth. To put in the sterilization lamp which position: it is best to position of the shuikou recycling, it can reduce the damage to nitrifying bacteria sterilization lamp. If placed in the position of the pump, the water flow through the filter material, so that in the water after through the sterilization lamp produce nitrite, nitrate can immediately via the filter material immediately back to nitric acid. How can we make the effect of sterilization lamp will be better: the water into the sterilization lamp, the slower the better, so as to ensure that every trickle out of the water after irradiation sterilization lamp for a long time, sterilization effect is good. Should remedy to the case using the germicidal lamp: no one can guarantee the germicidal lamp and the medicine chemistry will appear, but the remedy to the case, do not recommend sterilization lamp open, that is responsible for the fish. Related products: ultraviolet germicidal lamp
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