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Kindergarten ultraviolet germicidal lamp installation specification and irradiation range?

by:LiangYueLiang     2020-02-29

The number of UV lamps installed per cubic meter of space is 21. 5 W.

3. Acceptance requirements for ultraviolet germicidal lamps: 1. Schools and kindergartens should provide copies of invoices for purchasing ultraviolet germicidal lamps (Stamped with the official seal of the school and kindergarten) The invoice must indicate the quantity and unit price. 2. Schools and kindergartens should provide copies of the supplier's business license and medical device business license (Stamped with the official seal of the supplier) , UV disinfection lamp certificate, invoice, the business license of the supplier and the license of the medical device business enterprise should be consistent. 3. The street must verify the installation of ultraviolet disinfection lamps and the number of classrooms when filling out this form. 4. The Sub-District Education Office shall jointly test the disinfection effect of newly installed ultraviolet disinfection lamps in schools and kindergartens with the health department. 5. The safety department of the bureau is responsible for the verification and acceptance of the installation quantity of ultraviolet disinfection lamps in the directly affiliated units; The subdistrict education office is in charge of ultraviolet disinfection lamps in schools and kindergartens under its jurisdiction and working with friends from all over the world. As for disinfection measures, they are clearly stipulated and should be produced by specialized institutions, I don't know which ones are specified until I go to the health bureau to ask. Four, ultraviolet germicidal lamp irradiation range

1, Air disinfection

ultraviolet germicidal lamp is mainly used for air disinfection in family rooms, hospitals and laboratories to reduce the number of bacteria in the air. A 30-watt ultraviolet germicidal lamp can irradiate 9 square meters of ground area, and the wattage or number of ultraviolet germicidal lamps required can be calculated according to the size of the ground area. The lamp is hung 2-2. At a height of 5 meters, the upper air in the room is irradiated. Due to air flow and diffusion, the air in the whole room can be disinfected.

2. Surface Disinfection

The floor, table top and table top of the family can be directly irradiated by ultraviolet germicidal lamp. The ultraviolet lamp is equipped with a reflector with strong reflective power. The power of the lamp is not less than 2 watts per square meter, and the height of the lamp should not exceed 120 from the table top--150. The effective area of ultraviolet radiation is 1 of the diameter around the lamp tube. 5-2 meters. The surface is required to be clean and smooth when disinfected. If the surface can be fully illuminated, the killing effect will be good.

3. Disinfection of water

It is required to disinfect water with ultraviolet light wave. Water must be clean and transparent. Turbid water directly affects ultraviolet sterilization, thus requiring colorless and particle-free water to achieve good disinfection effect. When disinfecting drinking water with ultraviolet germicidal lamp, do not soak the lamp tube in water, and the depth of water should not exceed 2 cm, effective disinfection can only be achieved by making the water flow receive an irradiation dose of 90000 microwatts per second per square centimeter or more. General drinking water is required to achieve a killing rate of 99%. The ultraviolet germicidal lamp used in China has high irradiation intensity and disinfection and sterilization effect at a longer distance. When using it, it must be used in an unmanned state to avoid long-term irradiation on human eyes and skin.

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