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Is the correct method for disinfecting baby clothes in spring?

by:LiangYueLiang     2020-01-11
How to disinfect clothes more effectively in spring? The temperature began to pick up in spring. The baby likes to touch and roll. He is always sweating. Sometimes, milk powder, fruit puree and so on are sprinkled on clothes and saliva towels. Three or four sets of clothes need to be changed at the end of the day. The more serious problem is that this allows bacteria to take advantage of it and breed quickly. How to quickly disinfect baby clothes? The season when everything recovers is also the season when bacteria begin to become active. The baby's skin is more sensitive, bacteria can cause skin allergies; My baby also likes to bite his clothes. When bacteria are eaten in his stomach, he will easily get sick. In short, it will affect the baby's health. I used to put my baby's clothes in water and boil them with boiling water. There are so many clothes, which is really too much trouble and will damage the fibers of the clothes. Seeing some well-known parenting public numbers recommending bright moon, I found the right way to disinfect baby clothes in spring, and it is a super simple method, mom only needs to prepare an LED Magic deodorant bag plus. Just put the baby clothes, bibs and saliva towels that have been washed and dried into this disinfection bag, press the button, and the LED will generate 260 nm ~ 280nm strong sterilization band ultraviolet rays can directly cut off bacterial DNA/RNA structural molecules in tens of seconds, 99. 9% sterilization rate, rapid disinfection. Many mothers are worried about the safety of disinfection. After all, the baby's close-fitting clothes should be extremely cautious. The LED ultraviolet disinfection adopted does not produce ozone, Mercury and residue, thus achieving real green, safe and environment-friendly disinfection. Even after washing, the baby's clothes will still have milk smell, and they are often wet with urine and remain peculiar smell. The LED Magic deodorant bag plus can decompose the odor molecular structure and effectively remove the odor while disinfecting and sterilizing. After the baby's small clothes are disinfected, it smells like the refreshing taste of the sun, it is also very comfortable to wear. With this disinfection bag, I no longer have to worry about holding a pile of baby clothes, solving the big problem of disinfection for me and liberating my hands. The above is the correct way to disinfect baby clothes in spring for everyone today? The main content of 'key news' can be viewed for further information on bright moon products and other related content.
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