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Is It Ultraviolet Germicidal Light Safe To Human?

by:LiangYueLiang     2019-12-31

Today, the technology and application of germicidal ultraviolet light are developing rapidly. When it brings greater convenience and benefits to our daily life, we have to also make sure it is safe to use. For example, the germicidal UV light is now more and more used in the air purification system. You may want to know if germicidal UV lamps in the air purifiers do harm to human health when it is fatal to many microbes. In this article, this issue will be discussed and enlighten you how to use a UV air purifier safely.


What is germicidal ultraviolet?

Compact type Ultraviolet germicidal lamp (U shaped)

Ultraviolet is light in the spectrum that we cannot see. The most UV light we mostly see is outside in the sun. The ultraviolet radiation in sunlight is the cause of sunburn.

You probably know other “light” rays, such as x-ray and γ-ray. These two rays, especially the former one, are very harmful to humans. But everything has two sides. X-rays, thought hazardous, are useful in medical to show bone structure in us and help the treatment of fractures.

Likewise, we can use ultraviolet to create a healthier environment. Ultraviolet light, especially UV-C light, has a great germicidal performance. It can kill bacteria, germs, and viruses by completely damaging or deactivating their DNA. Currently, the germicidal ultraviolet is widely used in the air purification system to help reduce harmful particles in the air.

Why use germicidal ultraviolet light in the air purifier?

As mentioned above, the germicidal ultraviolet light is effective in killing harmful microbe in the air. But stand-alone UV lamps might not be the best as the UV radiation can be harmful to human beings. Thus installing the UV light in the air purification system can clean the air and improve the air quality while keeping the UV radiation inside the system. Here are more specific reasons to use UV light air purifiers: Why Should You Install UV Germicidal Lamp For Home

Is germicidal ultraviolet light in the air purification safe?

There are many good things germicidal ultraviolet light in the air purifier can do. For example, it can incinerate and destroy microbes on contact. But a number of people might worry that the UV light might leak out and cause health problems humans, pets, and plants. In addition, strong UV radiation might also produce Ozone. 

All these are reasonable concerns. Whenever you are looking for an air purifier, these factors should be kept in mind in the first place. Most UV air purifiers are safe, but a few produce ozone. This could be worrisome, considering the excessive quantity of ozone is dangerous to human beings, animals, and plants. But ozone is fine for human beings when in small quality. Ozone is all around us. However, if you’re really worried about the Ozone brought by germicidal ultraviolet, there are UV air purifiers that are “ozone-free”.

A few UV air purifier manufacturers coat their germicidal ultraviolet bulbs in a unique substance that keeps the bulbs from producing an excessive amount of ozone. Such air purifiers are those that are surrounded by dark metal or plastic, keeping the ultraviolet light from getting out into the open air, so you don’t need to worry about any form of radiation. But some cheap air purifier brands do not care about the Ozone issue.

Indeed, it means you may need to pay a few more dollars for a good and safer air purifier to use at home. But with the extra few bucks, you can feel safe, comfortable, and worry-free and breathe fresher and healthier air at home. Isn't it a good investment? 


3 Tips for choosing the best germicidal ultraviolet air purifiers


  1. Its size fits well with the room

When choosing a germicidal ultraviolet air purifier, you have to consider where you want to put it. If you are going to put it in one room, such as the living room, a small UV air purifier is enough. The air in more space you need to clean, the larger UV air purifier you need.


  1. It combines with air filters

While the UV light itself is excellent in cleaning the air, combining with an additional filter could be even better. Some great air purifiers are built with multiple filters. Being three-in-one or even five-in-one. What’s troublesome is that you should replace the filter more often. As for the germicidal ultraviolet lamp, you only need to change it every one or two years.


  1. It stays in your budget

Responsible manufacturers put warnings or guarantees on their UV air purifiers, promising Ozone-free. These air purifiers might be more expensive, but it is worth it in the end as they can do many beneficial things for your health. When it comes to the health issue, do not make a compromise and get a good one germicidal ultraviolet light air purifier.

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