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Introduction to uv ultraviolet lamp use operation advantages

by:LiangYueLiang     2020-05-15
Uv ultraviolet lamp is coated with a uv lamp uv coating, in the process of industrial application, generally use between 200 and 400 nm uv germicidal lamp is. Produce ultraviolet (uv) light is the most effective way is to use high voltage discharge tube after filling mercury, due to the uv lamp surface temperature is very high, base material in hot deformation; Interval is too high, small uv energy, base material surface is not sticky, solidification interval must be with the appropriate adjustments such as base material, coating, lamp power. Uv ultraviolet lamp advantage of thermal radiation, environmental protection, no pollution, etc. No thermal radiation: high power leds announced no infrared, uv ultraviolet lamp curing method optimum adhesive plastic substrate, lens and electronic products, such as fiber optic cable heat loose, high precision of adhesive process requirement. Environmental pollution-free: LED curing type pause with semiconductor light, no pollution to formation environment factors. So using LED curing type more environmentally friendly. Taking long: these lights change life spans from 1000 to 2500 hours, tubes is transmit ultraviolet light and stand together 6 to the high temperature of 800 ° C only few materials quartz; Above is the bright moon about uv ultraviolet lamp used for both of us run advantage, we can understand look simple, demand consultation can contact us.
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