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How water treatment uv germicidal lamp sterilization?

by:LiangYueLiang     2020-05-18
Water treatment ultraviolet germicidal lamp is actually due to a low pressure mercury lamp. The low pressure mercury lamp is to use the low pressure mercury vapor ( < 10 - 2Pa) Was announced that uv germicidal lamp, its spectral lines mainly have two: one is 253. 7 nm wavelength; Another is 185 nm wavelength, and the two are invisible to the naked eye of ultraviolet light. Tell us something about the sterilization method: under the bacteria deoxyribonucleic acid ( DNA) And RNA ( RNA) And the strongest nucleoprotein uv absorption peak at 254 ~ 257 nm. DNA chain rupture caused by bacteria absorb ultraviolet light, and form a nucleic acid and protein crosslinking broke down and kill the biological activity of nuclear acid, the death of bacteria. Advantages: fast power (ultraviolet disinfection of common bacteria and viruses Radiation intensity: 30000 mu W/cm2) Above is the bright moon to we describe how water treatment ultraviolet germicidal lamp sterilization, we can understand and see curt, expect can help us understand it, want to consult to contact our company.
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