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How to verify the bactericidal effect of ultraviolet germicidal lamp?

by:LiangYueLiang     2020-10-02
How to verify the bactericidal effect of ultraviolet germicidal lamp? Uv germicidal lamp manufacturer: uv irradiation intensity indicator CARDS monitoring method of ultraviolet irradiation meter measurement: open the ultraviolet ray after 5 min, will determine the wavelength of 253. 7 nm ultraviolet irradiation meter probe in the centre of the vertical distance of 1 m under the lamp, after being stable instrument, data is shown in the uv lamp irradiance values. Ultraviolet irradiation intensity indicator CARDS monitoring method: open the lamp after 5 min, will indicate card set vertical distance under uv lamp 1 m, get from 1 min (design side up, After the ultraviolet irradiation, pattern in the middle of photosensitive color piece from ivory to varying degrees of lilac) , the color of indicator card color piece, compare it with the standard color piece, read irradiation intensity. Results: average of 30 w ZhiGuanXing ultraviolet lamp, new light irradiation intensity
p 90 mu w/cm2 for qualified; Use of ultraviolet lamp irradiation intensity acuity 70 mu w/cm2 for qualified; 30 w high intensity of new uv lamp irradiation intensity acuity 180 mu w/cm2 for qualified. Related products: ultraviolet germicidal lamp
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