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How To Use UV Sterilizer Baby?

by:LiangYueLiang     2020-01-11

How to properly sterilize baby bottles

UV sterilizer baby vs steam steriliser

It was the convenience that persuaded me to buy a UV baby bottle sterilizer," says with a mom of a 2-year-old and also a 6-month-old, who owns an mobile uv sterilizer model.

The uv sterilizer baby versions, which start at around Php12,000, can sterilize as well as dry washed baby bottles (and any more of baby things ) as they are armed with a heater fan. "There's no need to wash out the bottles, I have an instantaneous baby bottle storage, and now I maintain my children' stuff germ-free," adds Lai. 

Electric steam sterilizers, on the flip side, don't typically come with a drying purpose. Therefore, after sterilizing, the hot and wet bottles will need to be removed and placed on a rack to air dry. After dry, only then can the bottles to be stored until they are used again.

Germ and germs in baby bottle, our shield your baby from germs and germ by sterilizing the baby bottle with Liangyueliang baby bottle sterilizer.

Dangerous and harmful microorganisms like germ and bacteria develop rapidly in milk. Your newborn baby's immune system is still sensitive and not fully developed and they more susceptible to infection and illness in contrast to older kids.


Is the portable uv sterilizer great for baby?

Your baby is most vulnerable to diseases and illnesses through the initial year of his lifetime. Be sure to thoroughly clean the bottles and other feeding equipment whenever your infant finished their milk and food. Use a brush to properly clean up the residual dried milk.


Why use the uv sterilizer baby?

Regardless of whether breast or formula milk feeding with infant bottle, it is very important to keep the baby bottles completely clean and safe. By sterilizing your baby jar, it protects your baby from infections and germs. Having a sterilizer like Coby UV, it is going to find the job done fast and convenient without much hassle. Not only that, sterilizing additionally protect your little joy from ingesting microorganisms which might have built up within the container.

Baby steriliser have progressed significantly from electric steam and microwave. Nowadays, there are uv bottle sterilizer which utilizing ultraviolet ray to kill these pesky germs, bacteria, mold and viruses. UV sterilizing technology is commonly used in hospital but now they available for home use like liangyueliang best baby bottle sterilizer that will deep clean your baby bottles and feeding accessories easily.

Another PLUS: Convenience!

Let us face the facts, sterilizing do require some efforts! Boiling water and clean up utensil and so forth, oh be aware of cook fire too!


UV helps to protect against a lot of common diseases among infants / infants! So, in long duration you save a great deal of time and medical therapy!


Which steriliser is best?The best uv sterilizer baby 2019 product

- Single button operation


- Eliminates up to 99.9% germs and bacteria


- Low heat rate below 50 celcius


- Waterless


- Can be used on almost everything


- Energy saving up to 70%.


Portable Household Travel 5 Minutes disinfection UV Sterilizer Bag For Baby Socks Nursing bottle bibs clothes uv sterilizer baby

UV Sterilizer Bag 
item size: 250*210*155mmpower: 2.5W

material: Fabric /PU
Voltage : 5V

Ultraviolet Wavelength:185nm+253.70nm+Tio2

Input interface:USB


Working Temperature:0-40℃ ,Storage Temperature:-20-55℃

Color :Pink /Gray


Advantage of the uv sterilizer baby:

l  4-in-1, UV 254nm + ozone + TiO2 + negative ion sterilization bag

l  Portable and modern design

l  Sterilization for baby toys, bottles, underwear, make-up, sex toys, towel

l  It’s tested that sterilization rate reaches up to 99.9%



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