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How to prevent baby flu more effectively?

by:LiangYueLiang     2020-01-16
How do children prevent flu in spring? Every parent who has a baby is worried about whether the child will get sick all the time, because many times the baby is not as resistant as the adult, they are younger, relatively speaking, the resistance is also lower, so in many cases, parents and mothers try their best to prevent their babies from getting sick in advance, especially the flu. The bright moon is the bane of the virus, which can eliminate influenza viruses and bacteria and give the baby a safer and healthier environment! So for the baby, how can an effective prevention of influenza be achieved? First, it is necessary to eat the circulation of indoor air. If someone in the family has flu, it is necessary to open more windows and ventilate, because the flu itself is very contagious. Second, try not to go to places where people are too dense when taking children out to play. Third, children should wash their hands frequently. Children like to grab things with their hands and plug them into the innermost part after grabbing them. Therefore, while avoiding children scratching things, also be sure to wash your hands thoroughly to prevent your child's small dirty hands from touching your mouth, eyes and nose. Fourth, when the climate is relatively changeable in autumn and winter, we must pay attention to the appropriate increase or decrease of clothing. Fifth, the most important thing is to walk outdoors, take more exercise with children and take a walk, which can improve the body's resistance. Sixth, more LED disinfection products can be used to disinfect baby products, improve baby's sterile living environment and quality, and prevent influenza! Autumn and winter is a period of high incidence of influenza. This period is relatively easy for children to get sick. The main route of transmission of influenza is through the contact between droplets in the air and anyone, or the infection caused by contact with articles that have been contaminated by influenza bacteria, so its infection speed is very rapid, so prevention is greater than treatment, as long as more attention is paid, you can avoid the flu virus. This is what I gave you today about 'how to prevent baby flu more effectively? 'Related introduction, want to have a deeper understanding of bright moon products and LED ultraviolet disinfection technology can continue to browse other pages!
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