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How to install and use the ultraviolet sterilization lamp for Fish Tank?

by:LiangYueLiang     2020-03-06

First, fish tank ultraviolet sterilization lamp: in our daily life, I believe most people will have fish tank goldfish in their homes, and most fish tanks will have sterilization lamps inside, but if the sterilization lamp is broken and needs to be replaced, do you know how to install the ultraviolet sterilization lamp in the fish tank? What are the application methods of ultraviolet sterilization lamps for fish tanks? Understand the ultraviolet sterilization lamp of fish tank. The sterilization lamp belongs to the ultraviolet low pressure mercury lamp. It uses the lower mercury vapor pressure to emit two ultraviolet rays that cannot be seen by naked eyes. Its spectral lines mainly have two, one is 253. 7nm wavelength, one is 185nm wavelength. After the cells absorb ultraviolet rays, the effect is on the genetic material in the cells. Through the actinic effect, the energy of ultraviolet rays can cause the genetic material to mutate, making the bacteria die or unable to reproduce immediately, also achieved the purpose of sterilization. 2. How to install the ultraviolet sterilization lamp of the fish tank: 1. Under normal circumstances, the sterilization lamp demand device can effectively kill harmful bacteria before the water outlet and filtration, it can also prevent other beneficial bacteria from being destroyed; There are also fish friends who choose to put the sterilization lamp and the water pump together and then achieve the sterilization effect. 2, no matter where it is placed, attention should be paid to prevent eyes from looking directly at the sterilization lamp or being exposed to the sterilization lamp for a long time to prevent damage. Three, fish tank UV sterilization lamp how to choose and use: now there are many kinds of UV sterilization lamps on the market. The length varies. There are many people who choose small sterilization lamps. It is a lamp tube and a transformer. There is also a lampshade, which is relatively large. If the sterilization lamp is direct to the human body, it will cause damage to the human body. Especially can not directly shine on the eyes and skin. I believe we also know something about this. Similarly. If a single lamp tube will also cause damage to the fish's eyes or skin appearance. Therefore, special attention must be paid when using the fish tank sterilization lamp. Use the fish tank sterilization lamp, because the fish tank usually has a water pump, so you only need to select a low-efficiency motor when selecting, and then flow the water through the sterilization lamp tube, the slower the better, only in this way can every drop of water flow out through the long-time sterilization lamp. This will have a better effect. The ultraviolet sterilization lamp does not need to be turned on every day. The above is what Xiaobian told you about the UV germicidal lamp, you can refer to it. Need to consult more questions about UV sterilization lamps can continue to pay attention to our real-time update Oh.

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