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How to identify various kinds of uv lamp

by:LiangYueLiang     2020-10-02
Since, quartz uv lamps and lanterns have an advantage, then what in the disinfection cabinet had used ultraviolet lamp, how to identify true and false, the author talk about personal experience to help customers identify.

see first name, although some disinfection cabinet appearance, structure and disinfection cabinet, but called cleaning tank. In fact, the alexipharmic ark and cleaning tank two different concepts, cleaning tank can prevent pollution again, it didn't have the disinfection disinfection cabinet, the assessment index such as disinfection cabinet on e. coli bacteria killing rate of 99. More than 9%, and the cleaning tank are basically adopts high boron ultraviolet lamp.

the most reliable discrimination method is to use ultraviolet irradiance meter 254 nm probe to measure, the same power, the highest 254 nm uv germicidal lamp intensity was quartz ultraviolet lamp. Followed by ultraviolet lamp high boron glass, ordinary glass and coating phosphor lamp 254 nm ultraviolet intensity is zero.

with phosphor lamp, whether it is with what kind of glass can emit short-wave ultraviolet ray, less likely to generate ozone, for it is phosphor conversion line, near the shortest wavelength of 300 nm, often can see in the disinfection ark is mosquito lamp, can produce 365 nm spectral line and part of the blue light, its function, besides can attract mosquitoes is no disinfection effect.

high boron glass uv lamp and quartz ultraviolet lamp in appearance than, quartz ultraviolet lamp generally hold aluminium cap lamp holder, lamp holder material in plastic, bakelite or ceramic, than glass tube socket diameter thick; And high boron glass and common glass can be used production process by the circle of high automation degree and its process is the same as fluorescent lamp production and the available aluminum lamp holder, and the cost of materials and production costs are lower.

quartz glass high melting point, low expansion coefficient, if on the fire heating at the same time, the common glass melting point minimum, followed by high boron glass. Heat quench in water at the same time, after not cataclastic quartz glass.

for some use common glass tube manufacturing of so-called 'ultraviolet lamp, the lamp is no ultraviolet, use a simple way to test: the lamp beside the energy-saving lamp or fluorescent lamp lights up, it does not exacerbate tube phosphor luminescence, confirms that it is fake and inferior products.
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