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How to disinfect some plastic feeding bottles?

by:LiangYueLiang     2020-01-10
How to disinfect plastic feeding bottles? When the baby was born, many parents liked to use glass feeding bottles because everyone thought that this material would not release harmful gases due to high temperature. However, with the increase of the baby's age, most of the time they drink milk by themselves, and the glass material is easy to break, so people will choose plastic feeding bottles at this time. However, many people are still puzzled by such products when they are disinfected. How should they be operated to be the safest and most reliable? No matter how high-quality plastic is, harmful substances will be released more or less in a high temperature state for a long time, and disinfection every day will accelerate the aging of the bottle. Therefore, everyone should seriously consider this product when purchasing it. It is not recommended for babies who are too small to use it. After half a year old, they can use this kind of bottle, it just doesn't need to be disinfected too frequently, usually once every 2 to 3 days. In addition, the current steam disinfection machine is also very popular, basically one for each family. Before disinfection, everyone should use clear water to clean the bottle. No dirt can be allowed on the inner wall of the bottle. At the same time, everyone should smell whether the bottle has peculiar smell, if you have it, you have to wash it a few times. After cleaning, different products are used for disinfection. Boiling water heating and high temperature steam can be used for disinfection. If you are worried about the impact of too high heat on plastic bottles, it is recommended to use ultraviolet disinfection methods, it can effectively act on the surface of an object. Let everyone have no worries when using it for the baby. I hope that after the introduction, the user can know more about how to disinfect the plastic bottle. Recently, there is another product about Ultraviolet Disinfection. Compared with the traditional disinfection mode, the product has multiple advantages, has high efficiency disinfection, is convenient and fast, and has revolutionary innovation for the whole disinfection industry. Science and technology change life, and the technology will change our quality of life!
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