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How to deal with abandoned medical ultraviolet lamps?

by:LiangYueLiang     2020-02-29

UV lamp tubes, reuse them after treatment, and landfill the other parts after crushing. Disposal methods of waste ultraviolet lamps: Second, other countries generally improve national quality and environmental hazard awareness through legislation, administration, education and other means for disposal of waste lamps, and at the same time there will be special institutions, centralized processing through specific technologies. China has successively issued a series of regulations and standards in terms of legislation. In 1995, the law of the People's Republic of China on the Prevention and Control of Environmental Pollution by Solid Wastes was promulgated. Since then, the national list of hazardous wastes and the identification standards for hazardous wastes have been promulgated one after another. form the basis of hazardous waste management in China. According to the 'national hazardous waste and medical treatment facilities construction plan', the national planning and construction of a comprehensive waste disposal center with complete functions, mainly using mixed incineration treatment. Unfortunately, such disposal centers are usually concentrated in first-tier cities and cannot meet the actual needs of remote areas. Therefore, considering the current domestic actual situation, it is finally suggested that the waste ultraviolet lamps should be collected by a special department of the hospital and then handed over to an institution with recycling qualification or recycled by the manufacturer. If it is submitted to the centralized medical waste disposal organization for incineration treatment, the secondary pollution caused by mercury emission should be considered. In the process of collection and storage, must avoid breaking, it is best to put into a plastic bag or a closed container, so that even if the industry is accidentally broken, the ultraviolet lamp mercury gas will be limited in the container, it will not volatilize into the air, which is also a practical way to minimize the harm of mercury in the absence of recovery system and scientific disposal methods. Combining the above two methods is to dispose of the abandoned ultraviolet lamp. You can choose to dispose of it yourself. I hope I can help you!

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