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How to clean the dirt on the bottle and disinfect it?

by:LiangYueLiang     2020-01-15
There is gray dirt on the wall of the bottle. How to clean it? Everyone knows that the bottle is an essential tool for feeding the baby. After a long period of use, many parents will find gray dirt on the inner wall of the bottle. Please don't panic when you encounter this kind of situation, because these are mainly milk stains that have not been cleaned, after precipitation, it becomes like this. So, how to clean this layer of gray dirt? The following is a brief introduction to several methods. How to clean the nipple? There are special bottle cleaners on the market, but parents are worried about chemical residues, so they dare not use them for a long time. For dirt that is not very stubborn, you can put some water on the bottle, then cover it and shake it, which can usually be cleaned. If the above method does not work, it proves that this kind of dirt is stubborn. You can add some starch or a small spoonful of rice to it, add a proper amount of water and then cover it tightly and shake it hard, you will find that the dirt on the bottle wall will gradually disappear. The substances produced after rice is soaked in water have strong decontamination ability and can neutralize various stains. More importantly, there is no need to worry about chemical residues when using the above method, and it will be cleaned immediately after washing. If you want a better decontamination effect, you can use a special sponge bottle brush. In the case of a combination of the two methods, the stubborn dirt can be eliminated. And you can also put the bottle into boiling water for 10 minutes to let the substance stuck on the inner wall react chemically and slowly reduce its adhesion. If there is some stubborn dirt on the bottle, you can use the above method to try it, because the tools used in many people are almost natural and non-irritating, there is no need to worry about the risk of secondary pollution. How to effectively disinfect the bottle? At present, this is a problem that the public mothers are looking forward to and want to solve very much, because the traditional disinfection method has caused very serious problems to the mothers, every time disinfection and sterilization is a very rare suffering experience, it can be seen that the traditional disinfection mode can no longer be accepted by treasure mothers, and at present, a bright star product is resolutely rising, there are already a better disinfection method for Baoma, which is also the welfare of Baoma. LED ultraviolet disinfection products under the brand products can help everyone solve the existing problems, which is not only fast and convenient, and you can disinfect it when you go there, no longer have to worry about the trouble of disinfection at home!
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