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How to choose suitable ultraviolet germicidal lamp?

by:LiangYueLiang     2020-10-02
How to choose suitable ultraviolet germicidal lamp? Uv germicidal lamp, the choose and buy must pay attention to the ultraviolet light intensity and the size of the space relation, according to the WS/T367 - 2012 'technical standard for disinfection of medical institutions, ultraviolet germicidal lamp hanging type or mobile direct irradiation sterilization, lamp hoisting height from the ground 1. 8 m to 2. 2 m, the number of uv germicidal lamp installation for an average of 1 or higher. 5 w/m after that need power to 1 per cubic meter of space. 5 w uv germicidal lamp, space need tubes number is: house area x height x 1. 5÷30( According to the buying power of 30 w bulbs) , as a result, rounded. For example, a building area of 20 m squared, 3 m high, then use of ultraviolet germicidal lamp quantity for: squared 20 m x 3 m x 1. 5W÷30W=3( Root) This house needs three 30 w uv germicidal lamp. Common household uv germicidal lamp, what need reminds is, the life of the uv lamp has certain, when use must pay attention to the change in time,
according to GB/T 19258 - 2012 requirements, uv lamp life not less than 5000 h. But because ultraviolet penetration is very weak, in the air after long time use lamp uv radiation intensity attenuation, it is difficult to achieve remote sterilization effect, so when use should as far as possible close to the location of the aseptic. Indoor central, for instance, or easy to breed bacteria, distance around 1. 5m- 2 m is preferred.
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