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How to better play to the functions of ultraviolet light disinfection sterilization?

by:LiangYueLiang     2020-10-14
How to better play to the functions of ultraviolet light disinfection sterilization? Stationary irradiation on average per cubic meter of not less than 1. 5 w, 30 - regularly 60 minutes, and uniform distribution, the ultraviolet ray sterilizing lamp and lamp switch must be set separately, and keep a certain distance, ultraviolet disinfection lamp switch and lamp switch are not allowed to be parallel. Switch is set to 2 meters from the ground, lifted the lid, and switch to eye-catching warning label on the lid, not simply write the word 'ultraviolet disinfection lamp'. Must set up a dedicated circuit, equipped with unified the total power supply control switch box, lock by the specialist for fixed hanging unified control of ultraviolet disinfection lamp power supply, in order to prevent the irrelevant personnel accidental misuse of ultraviolet disinfection lamp. About 30 to 40 square meters dormitory or portable radiation function room can be placed two ultraviolet disinfection car, 30 - regularly 60 minutes, for the air disinfection; By high intensity ultraviolet lamp and filtering system of circulating air ultraviolet air disinfector, also has good disinfection effect, can be switched on when using 30 minutes, after a certain time interval to boot; Sustainable boot disinfection, also use ultraviolet irradiation in air disinfection, sterilization time to establish directives, the service life of the tube more than three-quarters of the need to timely replacement bulbs, to ensure the sterilization effect.
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