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How terrible water purifiers, losing the uv lamp?

by:LiangYueLiang     2020-10-04
How terrible water purifiers, losing the uv lamp? Without the ultraviolet ray sterilizing water purifier, is actually a bacterial collector! Sterilization is the most common function of uv germicidal lamp, it was carried on the bacteria and virus powerful, add water after irradiation will not change the characteristics of water quality, and doesn't leave chemical derivatives, so the most difficult is often used to fight against the water of bacteria and viruses. Water purifier has strong sterilization ability because ultraviolet lamp can send UV dosage & gt; Mj / 40 cm squared enough to wipe out 99. More than 99% of the bacteria and viruses that may exist in the water, in order to avoid the damage to the body. And sterilization does not add chemicals, no any pollution. In addition, the material that is using quartz glass tube, ultraviolet penetration rate is higher. To summarize the uv lamp has the following three qualities: strong sterilization force - — Using ultraviolet UVC light sterilization; A UV dose & gt; Mj / 40 cm squared ultraviolet light; Can kill 99. 99% of the bacteria and viruses. No pollution - — Sterilization no added chemicals. Uv transmittance of high - — Material that is using quartz glass tubes.
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