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How should kindergartens use ultraviolet disinfection lamps?

by:LiangYueLiang     2019-12-16
How should kindergartens use ultraviolet disinfection lamps? How should kindergartens use ultraviolet disinfection lamps and how should they be managed? According to Article 5 of the measures for the administration of health care in nurseries and kindergartens: kindergarten Gardens, tables and chairs, teaching aids, lighting, lighting, sanitary facilities, entertainment equipment and sports equipment must be safe and suitable for children's healthy development, meet the requirements of national health standards and safety standards. Ultraviolet rays can effectively sterilize, but direct exposure to ultraviolet rays for a long time will damage eyes and skin, and even more serious lesions may occur. Therefore, the ultraviolet disinfection lamp must be used indoors without anyone. Therefore, kindergartens must do the following when equipped with ultraviolet disinfection lamps: first, they should purchase products with qualified quality, safety and reliability, and keep quality assurance certificates and invoices, etc; Second, the installation of ultraviolet disinfection lamps should meet the safety requirements, maintain a certain height and should be provided with obvious warning signs. In order to prevent children from opening by mistake, it is better to set up independent circuits, in particular, it should be installed separately from ordinary lighting lamps; Third, it is necessary to improve the management system, implement the responsibility, ensure that the disinfection lamp is responsible for the safety and effective use of the equipment; Fourth, pay attention to special safety education, be sure to let every faculty and staff know the use of disinfection lamps and precautions, and incorporate relevant knowledge into early childhood safety education and teaching.
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