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How long is the uv lamp in one time?

by:LiangYueLiang     2020-10-10
How long is the uv lamp in one time? First this problem a lot of people want to know, as a manufacturer engaged in years of tell you that uv lamp had better change once in a year, because the model and brand choice of tubes is have very big concern, require suppliers to provide when buying uv lamp manufacturers and product certificate. If disinfection sterilization can do with the domestic low power commonly 【 800 - 1000H】 。 Matters needing attention during the: 1. When open the ultraviolet disinfection, people don't stay in sterile area. 2. Keep the lamp clean dust-free, should be wiped clean tube on time every week. 3. Uv disinfection lamp distance 'content' not more than a metre, illuminate the surface of the 'content' direct illuminate, so as to achieve disinfection sterilization effect. 4. Normally indoor air disinfection, should keep indoor clean and dust-free environment, for not less than 1. 5 w, irradiation time not less than 30 minutes, uv lamp not less than 2 m off the ground. 5. Close is do not use hand to touch the lamp, due to keep the cooling time
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