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How long is the service life of the uv lamp?

by:LiangYueLiang     2020-09-23
How long is the service life of the uv lamp? 1) published in 2012 'disinfection technology of medical institution' in: C. 6. 2. 1
the ultraviolet disinfection lamp voltage is 220 v, relative humidity is 60%, the temperature is 20 ℃, the radiation of 253. 7 nm ultraviolet intensity ( Using the intensity) Should be not less than 70 mu W/cm2. C。 6. 2.
2 should be monitored regularly disinfected ultraviolet irradiation intensity, when low irradiation intensity to the required value, should be replaced in a timely manner. C。 6. 2. 3 the service life of ultraviolet disinfection lamp, that is, by the strength of the new lamp down to 70 mu W /
cm2 ( Power 30 w or higher) , or reduced to 70% of the original new light intensity ( Power & lt; 30 w) Time, should be not less than 1000 h. The lamp production units should provide the actual life. ②GB19258 - In 2012 in the ultraviolet germicidal lamp: 5. The average life expectancy of 10 lamp should not less than 5000 h. 2000 h ultraviolet ray radiation flux rate of not less than 85%, outlast the ultraviolet light radiation flux rate of not less than 65%. (3) the ultraviolet air disinfector safety and health standards '( GB28235 - 2011). Require uv germicidal lamp useful life shall be 1000 h, or more generally air disinfector the service life of the uv lamp is 5000 - 8000h。 Uv lamp replacement is not subject to illuminate the cumulative time, as long as the intensity of ultraviolet (uv) in 70 (including w / ㎝ squared and above, are valid.
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