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How long is it good to disinfect the bottle for Baoma?

by:LiangYueLiang     2020-01-14
How long does it take to disinfect the bottle? It is better to disinfect the bottle every time. Everyone has different opinions. Some people think that it is too troublesome to disinfect every day. Just use it when you use it. And some people think that this is the item that children need to touch every day. It is not good to eat too much bacteria, so it is reasonable to disinfect every day. In fact, the above-mentioned problems should not be consistently discussed, but still need specific analysis. After all, there are products of different materials on the market, and the disinfection methods will definitely be different. The most common is that plastic bottles are more likely to release harmful substances under high temperatures, so disinfection is not recommended every time. On the contrary, glass bottles do not have such concerns. Therefore, disinfection is necessary, just like our daily hand washing, so as to better avoid virus infection by details. To this end, disinfection is as simple as hand washing, led uv disinfection has become a popular way! In addition, the immunity of the baby before half a year old is relatively poor, and the bottle should be scalded again with hot water before each use, which can achieve the effect of secondary disinfection. The baby's resistance after half a year old is gradually improved. At this time, it is recommended that the bottle be disinfected after two to three days. It is worth mentioning that if the sterilized bottle is not used within 24 hours, it is recommended to re-disinfect it when it needs to be used, so as to avoid a large amount of bacteria caused by too long storage. When cleaning the bottle, be sure to remove it and rinse it so that it can be cleaned. Even if you don't need to disinfect every day, you should use hot water before using it. The common disinfection methods include steam, boiling and ultraviolet rays. It can be said that their pattern is characteristic. If you are worried that high temperature will make the bottle release toxic gas, you can use ultraviolet rays for disinfection, its effect is also very good.
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