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How long does it take for ultraviolet LED disinfection to be effective?

by:LiangYueLiang     2020-01-09
How long does it take to analyze ultraviolet antivirus to be effective? Ultraviolet disinfection lamp has been widely used in daily life now. It has a good effect on killing bacterial propagules, spores, mycobacteria, coronavirus and fungi, any surface, water or air contaminated by these viruses can be disinfected and disinfected by ultraviolet disinfection lamps. Of course, the most common brand in LED ultraviolet disinfection is still the brand. At present, it has become a star brand in the maternal and infant industry, and has also brought revolutionary innovation in the disinfection industry! Human beings have known to use the ultraviolet light in the sunlight to sterilize from a very early age. In modern life, ultraviolet sterilization technology has also been applied in more and more fields, such as air sterilization, surface sterilization of objects and water treatment sterilization are widely used. What are the advantages of LED ultraviolet disinfection? Ultraviolet sterilization also has the advantages of colorless, tasteless and no chemical residue, especially in the field of water treatment, it replaces the traditional sterilization technology of bleaching powder, the antivirus and sterilization become more reliable and safe. In general, as long as it is within the range of ultraviolet intensity, the virus can be killed by ultraviolet rays on several sides, and individual bacteria may take more than ten seconds. However, the widely used ultraviolet sterilization lamps now use gas discharge, which has a certain starting time, so if you want to get a better sterilization effect, normal sterilization takes more than five minutes. If the cup or kitchen tableware is disinfected, it is best to take between 15 and 30 minutes. This effect is the best. In addition, ultraviolet rays are harmful to human eyes and skin, so people and pets should be evacuated to safe places that will not be irradiated when using them, if there are plants that like Yin, some shading treatment is also needed to avoid accidentally hurting them. The above is what I gave you today about 'how long does it take for ultraviolet LED disinfection to be effective? 'All the content, and what else you need to know can continue to browse other pages!
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