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How large area of room Can 30W ultraviolet disinfection lamp tube disinfect?

by:LiangYueLiang     2020-03-13

2 to calculate, which is related to the environmental factors of bacteria in the hospital. The family or non-civil environment is not as bad as the hospital, and can be according to the technical standard of 1. 5 w/cm 2, with a bright moon of 30W ultraviolet disinfection tube to calculate, can disinfect 20m 2, the radiation intensity of ultraviolet rays can reach 90- 100uw/cm 2 In the process of use, it is recommended to select the power and quantity of the lamp according to the number of its own area. When selecting, it should be as large as possible than the original power. In a fixed range, the power is greater, the sterilization effect will be better, and a smaller number of lamps can be used to save space. At the same time, because the ultraviolet disinfection lamp is in the process of irradiation, if it is suspended from the ceiling, the ultraviolet rays at the bottom will be slightly weaker, and the lamp tube with high power will not worry about the shortage of ultraviolet rays at the bottom.

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