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Harmful uv mosquito lamp?

by:LiangYueLiang     2020-04-07
Every arrive the summer hot weather, the mosquito fly, fly uninvited, avoid home mosquitoes became a big buster, so ultraviolet mosquito lamp have entered our families, many friends have doubts about the uv mosquito lamp does harm to people? Come with us to know today; A, household uv mosquito lamp have a harm to human body? Ordinary mosquito lamp is not uv, harmless to the human body. Mosquito lamp can be divided into electronic mosquito lamp and two kinds of air suction mosquito lamp. Mosquito lamp has a simple structure, low price, elegant appearance, small size, power saving, etc. Because when use, don't need to use any chemical substances, kill mosquitoes is a relatively environmentally friendly way to kill mosquitoes. Electronic mosquito lamp principle of work is the use of the mosquito phototaxis, will attract mosquitoes, electrocution, adopt efficient mosquito lure lamp, harmful to the mosquito flying insects are efficient and temptation, by electrostatic shocks can instantly kill insects; Electronic mosquito lamp current limiting circuit design, low-power, highly efficient, as long as the plug can be used, without any volatile chemicals. Air suction mosquito lamp with fans, is adsorbed by airflow to mosquitoes, which killed. Air suction mosquito lamp volume is small, can carry, commonly used in the family. Electronic mosquito lamp has various types, commonly used in hotel, restaurant. In general, the 12 w electronic mosquito lamp tube 12 square, 12 w air suction mosquito lamp tube 25 square, but the mosquito range is limited to a room. Air suction mosquito lamp cannot be suspended, and electronic mosquito lamp can be hung, if put the mosquito haunt, the effect is much better. Expert advice: the mosquito lamp, although environmental, drive midge is relatively passive, smack of waiting for him. What need reminds is, mosquito lamp has certain risk, especially families with children, to place high, avoid children touch. In addition, cannot use conductive objects into high voltage network, to avoid the electric shock. Mosquito lamp should be placed in one. 5 meters to 2 meters height, can achieve the best effect of killing, of the electric shock mosquito musca & other; Brian & throughout; Sound is a normal phenomenon. In addition, we should regularly clean the dust on the tube light, with a small hair brush cleaning power grid. In flies residue cleansing, must cut off power supply with screw driver more than short circuit after the grid electricity. Airflow mosquito lamp can remove the cover and clean, but there is a power never splashed into the water. Finally it is important to note that should avoid direct light electronic mosquito lamp, uv mosquito lamp what harm is there? Dozens of mosquito killer, should be used instead of uv lamp, because the use of ultraviolet lamp mosquito killer, generally at about 8 w, what do you mean by mosquito lure the mosquito lamp is to use light then use an mosquitoes, so will not impact on children. Real ultraviolet harm is very big, when the time is after the ultraviolet irradiation, there will be a peeling imagination, has long been illuminate, may make the body produce canceration. Above is today we arrange for everybody about uv mosquito lamp have a harm to the body of a simple introduction, finally remind everybody, ultraviolet lamp or mosquito lamp you don't look for a long time as far as possible, so as not to cause harm.
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