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Harm and performance characteristics of explosion-proof ultraviolet germicidal lamp?

by:LiangYueLiang     2020-02-27

Here we summarize the following points for everyone:

1. Explosion-proof ultraviolet germicidal lamp for electro-optic ophthalmia: wavelength 250- 320 nanometer ultraviolet radiation, can cause keratitis, conjunctivitis. When just sick, I only feel foreign body sensation and mild discomfort in both eyes, and severe ones will feel burning, severe pain, photophobia, tears, blepharospasm, etc. Such as repeated onset, can cause chronic blepharitis and conjunctivitis. Too strong ultraviolet rays can also cause fundus damage. 2. Reaction of explosion-proof ultraviolet germicidal lamp to skin erythema: ultraviolet irradiation can burn the skin, and the irradiated skin is flushed and painful. In severe cases, erythema and even blisters will be formed, and erythema will subside after a few days, the skin begins to desquamate and has pigmentation. 3. Anti-explosion ultraviolet germicidal lamp for photoinductive dermatitis: refers to the skin lesions that occur when exposed to certain chemical substances such as asphalt and then exposed to ultraviolet radiation. 4, explosion-proof ultraviolet germicidal lamp on mutagenic and carcinogenic effect: ultraviolet irradiation of mammals can cause gene mutation, leading to skin cancer. Ultraviolet rays with a wavelength less than 320 nm are more likely to induce skin cancer. 5. Explosion-proof ultraviolet germicidal lamp acts on some substances in the air on ultraviolet rays with wavelength less than 250 nanometers, and can also produce photochemical smog and toxic gases. The ultraviolet wavelength emitted by ultraviolet germicidal lamps in hospitals is 180 ~ 290 nm, with bactericidal effect. However, the wavelength of this ultraviolet ray with bactericidal effect is exactly similar to that of the ultraviolet ray harmful to human body, which is extremely easy to damage eyes and skin. III. Performance characteristics of explosion-proof ultraviolet germicidal lamp: explosion-proof ultraviolet germicidal lamp is suitable for lighting in Areas 1 and 2 of explosive gas mixture dangerous places ii c class T6 and below. The lamp shell is a plastic shell, the exposed metal installation parts are stainless steel, and the metal parts are coated with plastic, which has good explosion-proof performance and is suitable for working lighting in corrosive gas environment. Emergency lighting can be used in case of power failure. The above is a summary of the introduction of explosion-proof ultraviolet germicidal lamp, hoping to be useful to everyone. For more products, please pay attention to our official website: lyluvlight. Com

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