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Fish tank germicidal lamp should be better used in this way!

by:LiangYueLiang     2020-03-09

I saw many netizens commenting on the Internet that the fish tank germicidal lamp is a decoration with no practical effect. In fact, otherwise, if the germicidal lamp is used correctly, there are still many benefits to the fish tank!

Let's first look at the sterilization principle of germicidal lamp. Germicidal lamp is actually a low pressure mercury lamp. The low pressure mercury lamp uses a lower mercury vapor pressure (<10-2 Pa) Ultraviolet light is emitted by intensification, and there are mainly two spectral lines: one is 253. 7nm wavelength; The other is 185nm wavelength, both of which are ultraviolet rays invisible to the naked eye. Germicidal lamps do not need to be converted into visible light, 253. The wavelength of 7nm can play a very good bactericidal effect. The energy of the ultraviolet photon is absorbed by the base pair in the DNA, causing the genetic material to mutate, making the bacteria die immediately or unable to reproduce, and achieving the purpose of sterilization.

fish tank germicidal lamp should be better used in this way?

first, the germicidal lamp cannot be placed directly in the fish tank, nor can it be placed with the filtering equipment. Because it can hurt fish and kill nitrifying bacteria in fish tanks. It is best to put the germicidal lamp at the water outlet of the fish tank, that is, let the water pass through the germicidal lamp before filtering, and then pass through the filtering equipment. The most common thing we do is to put it next to the water pump of the bottom filter fish tank, which also has certain effect. If conditions permit, a low-power water pump should also be equipped with the germicidal lamp, so that the water in the fish tank can pass through the germicidal lamp as far as possible, so that it can play its most effective role in sterilization and algae removal.

Second, it is not necessary to turn on the germicidal lamp 24 hours a day, and it can be used for about two hours a day. Open for a long time will have a certain impact on the beneficial bacteria in the fish tank, and will also shorten its service life.

3. If the fish tank is being used to treat fish diseases, please turn off the germicidal lamp to avoid adverse reactions caused by ultraviolet rays and drugs.

4. Human eyes should not stare at the germicidal lamp for a long time. Here is a case: a master helped the customer's fish pond to install the sterilization lamp, because the circuit has been debugged, there is no switch to turn off the sterilization lamp. After a few minutes of opening and closing, the master's eyes became uncomfortable. After almost half an hour, the eyes began to ache violently and kept shedding tears, and the eyes could not be opened, it is very uncomfortable to see a little light. Then another colleague of the Master immediately sent him to the hospital and finally stayed in the hospital for two days. He could not see the light for two days, even the light on the mobile phone screen! This is a real case, and it is also a lesson that I almost exchanged with my eyes! Therefore, the ultraviolet rays of germicidal lamps are very severe, and everyone must pay attention to their eyes at ordinary times.

5. The service life of the germicidal lamp is generally about one year. After one year of use, although it is still on, the effect is not as good as before, therefore, we suggest that it is more appropriate for everyone to change the sterilization lamp once a year or so.

There are many styles of fish tank germicidal lamps, including a single lamp, a separate pump, a pump that can be connected to the fish tank, and a plug-in. We suggest that the most important consideration when purchasing is whether it is suitable for your own fish tank. At the same time, don't be too greedy for cheap goods. You can't say that cheap goods are not good, but good goods are definitely not too cheap. The purpose of buying germicidal lamps is to need them to play the role we need, not to need a decoration.

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