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8. Q. Do you have ozone generating UV lamp. What’s the difference from UV generated and ozone free?
A. Yes, we could make ozone generating UV lamp. The ozone generated type main wavelength is 254nm and 185nm, and ozone free (without ozone) main wavelength is 254nm, and 185nm is not allowed to penetrate. For general disinfection and sterilization, we suggest ozone free type. For odor control (such as shoes odor removal, washroom, and industrial waste gas treatment) and COD degradation for sewage treatment, we suggest ozone generating. Please consult our sales teams for suggestion according to different conditions.
7. Q. What’s your wavelength of your UV lamp?
A. Our UV lamp is for UVC type, has a peak output at 254nm, which is the most effective for sterilization and disinfection.
6.Q:Could I put your lamp under the water?
A:We have our special waterproof series UV lamp, which you could immersed the whole uv lamp under the water. Please contact our sales directly for more specification.
5.Q:What’s your quality standard and warranty?
A:Our UV lamp is CE & ROHS certiified.And we are offering 1-year warranty.
4.Q:How to protect myself from the ultraviolet light?
4.A:Please don’t expossure your skin and eyes under the ultraviolet light. When in a necessary case, please wear the protecing glass and gloves to protect yourself.
3.Q:How to clean the uv lamp after dust attached to.
A:Please use soft cloth with some alchohol to wipe the uv lamp smoothly.
2.Q:Why ultraviolet light UVC is efficient to kill the bacteria and virus?
A:254nm ultraviolet emission is easy to be absorbed by organism, and at the same time break the DNA or RNA structure, resulting in reproducing cell death. Therefore, it could kill mostly bacteria and virus.
1.Q:How long should we replace the uv lamp.
A:Suggest replace the uv lamp after 8000 hours working time. Because there is attenuation occuring after 8000 hours.
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