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Factories introduce uv lamp control principle

by:LiangYueLiang     2020-10-05
Manufacturer to introduce uv lamp control principle in many current disinfection products, uv germicidal lamp is one of the common sterilization methods. Disinfection cabinet products of uv lamp, with our daily household daylight lamp control principle is the same, the difference is that the different spectrum. To drive tube light, we must match the corresponding power ballast. Ballast is generally has two kinds of inductive ballasts and electronic ballasts. Traditional inductive ballast only two wires, with high reliability, long life advantages, but also has a big weight, high power consumption, noise and make the fluorescent lamp produces stroboscopic shortcomings, especially in the low voltage electricity environment, it is hard to start can't even start fault is particularly prominent. With the development of electronic technology and mature, can make up for the shortcomings of electronic ballast in has a lot of use. Compared with the traditional inductive ballast, electronic ballast has the following advantages: a power saving effect is remarkable, the power saving features mainly displays in: increase the light output, improve the lighting effect; Its low power consumption. With a high power factor. b。 Small volume, light weight, no flicker, no noise. c。 Can achieve low voltage startup. Tube failure judgment: 1) Check the tube two head for the black 2) Measured with a multimeter through short tubes with two pins, one end should be short circuit state; Related products: uv lamp
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